Discipline in writing

Hi guys, I am back with another update. This time on discipline.

It’s a strange word discipline, and can mean many things. But for this post I just want to talk about discipline when working, particularly when writing your novel – be it a short thousand word story or a gigantic hundred thousand work one.

Discipline is needed for both, without it your story will potter about. And a story that might only take a month or to complete could take over a year.

A lot of people tell new writers when ask the question “How do I write” state that all they need do is write. But that doesn’t really answer the question does it, that’s where discipline comes in to the game.

At the start of the game that is writing, you’re not going to be able to write a hundred thousand words in two months. At least not most people.

You open up the word document/google docs or scrivener, stare into the blank screen as you cannot write a single word. Don’t worry about it! Honestly the fact that you have opened up the document to write is a good start, even if you can’t write anything down on that day because your mind is blank keep opening that document. There will come a day where you realise you don’t like looking at a blank screen and will type your first word into the document. Congratulations! Keep doing that, keep opening that word document and writing that one word until it becomes a sentence and until that sentence becomes a paragraph.

That is discipline that you stuck to your guns. You kept opening that document and had the thought of writing, even if you didn’t. This is what people mean when they say “Oh all you have to do is just write.” they mean opening that document and having the discipline to stick it out until you do. Steadily as you keep doing this your word count will increase, you will better be able to track your mistakes and correct them. And yes, finally after a lot of effort you will have completed your first story. Be it a poem or a long epic fantasy.

It all boils down to keeping at it, sticking to your guns and writing. Discipline ladies and gentlemen is one of the keys to writing. It another muscle that you need to work on, pretty soon it will be very easy for you to write a 1000 words a day and even keep continually upping your word count.

So with all this in mind go out there, sit in front of your computer or note pad and write. Once you get that routine it will become easy, you may at first not have anything to write about. But keep at it, rally against that small part of your mind that says “This is boring.” or “Why should I write?” At the start of the game all you need is discipline to keep opening that document, to keep at it day after day. To have discipline to keep at this job and that’s one thing that you should have in spades.