About Me

My name is Ruhen, I am an aspiring author. I love writing, in fiction or non-fiction. This blog has been created to keep together my various pieces of work, general thoughts I have and opinions on subjects. I plan for 2017 to post three times a week, Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. I hope to keep this up while improving my writing and chatting to others in similar situation. 

Stories I am currently working on:

I have one completed Sci-Fi/Fantasy story that is currently with Beta-Readers, hopefully I can get through the next draft of this story throughout the year.

One completed short Children story, the second draft of which I will start soon with the notes my Beta-Reader has given me. I have planned out the second story, which I will complete in the next few months.

I have three half finished fantasy stories, two of them have been from previous NaNo, I will attempt to finish them this year. I generally take the December off from writing, which is why they have piled up.

I have many half ideas and plots that I need to think about, the second half of this year I wish to make an attempt at a new story, and hopefully finish it by December.

If you have any questions or queries leave a comment below.




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