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Hi all, Ruhen back.

It has been sometime since my last post, a lot has happened in my life since then. Life has taken a strange turn of events for me. I have been made redundant from work as of last month, which is a huge change for me. First time being made redundant in my life, plus I have so much free time on my hands now.

This free time has given rise to new opportunities, some that I have only thought about before but have now started to become a reality.

The first main change is that I have slowly started to get into freelance writing, I actually got my first job last week and should now be in the ending stages. It has been a challenge as it is my first time doing something like this, sure I have written articles before and reviews. But when its for a business it is slightly different, but i have enjoyed this challenge even if it has been difficult at times.

It has lead too certain thoughts which I didn’t consider before. The main thing is if I am ready for such a role, the thought of failure and what this would mean for me. Sure, at the moment I do not really need to worry about money. But if I am to get freelancing off the ground then I need to do my best, and not be side tracked. Which is easier said then done, I am currently looking into other types of freelancing via websites and forums which may help me out.

The next thing is that I now have so much time for my writing, which is great. If only I did it a little bit more, I am actually meant to be editing but have so far done only the first chapter of my novel. I need to plow on and continue editing and as stated above not get side tracked.

The main thing that is sidetracking me is games, sure I can play them but now that I have so much free time I see myself on games constantly! I need to limit the hours, limit the amount of energy I use for games and use it for something more productive.

To do that I need more discipline, which I have talked about earlier. Having a set timetable, waking up earlier and not at 11am. Which means I need to sleep earlier, which is hard as I am typing this post up at midnight. Still, I need to start somewhere and I know I will get the ball rolling soon.

I am also exercising more, which is a benefit to my health. I can see daily progress in how I exercise, from longer runs to longer time spent skipping. All these will help me get healthier. At the same time I need to eat better and not binge eat so much.

Anyway, this is just a short post from myself. Ideally now that I have more free time I will start posting regularly.

Until next time.


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