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Work: The old and new

Hi all, Ru back here with another post.

This one is just to give my thoughts on a change of position I had at work. I detailed in general what happened in this post, but suffice to say after a week in I can offer some more thoughts.

So as stated in the linked post, I moved from a help desk role to a more admin focused role.

Now I knew there would be a difference between the two roles, but a few of those differences I didn’t realise would make a huge impact on me.

One of those differences was how laid back it was and how much of an effect it would have on me. Now with the help desk role I took emails and calls as my daily routine, but with the admin role I have yet to take a call that wasn’t to our IT department, I mostly focused on emails and clearing them up.

The major effect from this was that I wasn’t tense anymore, before a call would come in I would usually tense up in preparation. Which after a while caused my neck to hurt often. Now I am laid back, I can take my time with my work and my neck or back muscles don’t hurt as much.

That is one different, small but it has made a huge impact on me.

This leads onto the second, it is very relaxed in my new role. While at the help desk it was busy. I would take a call or email and had a limited time to finish it, while at the administration position I can take my time a little. There are no targets to hit, I just need to manage my workload the best I can. Obviously I can’t slack off, but not having to hit targets does allow a lot of leeway. I can take my time and think through what I need to do before completing it.

Overall I did like my old position at the help desk, but I can see myself liking this new admin role a lot more. While the help desk role did help hone my skills and knowledge, I believe this administration role will lead onto new and greater things.

Ideally sometime in the future I want to freelance, this role will give me more opportunity to do so. It is only for 3 months, enough time for me to get set up as a freelancer, then start taking jobs once I finish my contract here.

Anyway, just a few thoughts from myself. I will learn a lot more over the next few months.

See you guys next time.


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