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Work and life in general

Hi all,

Ru back here after a long time away, been very busy so this is just a quick update.

Ideally I will be back to posting regularly, real life has just been a bit hectic.

My main focus for this post is my work, I have as of yesterday left my old position in Customer Services due to relocation of the office. It is extremely sad for me, as I have made lots of good friends in the department and have had many laughs with them. We put a lot of effort into Customer Services, making it grow and develop in many numerous ways, taking up many new tasks and responsibilities over the years.

Unfortunately due to relocation of the department none of us could stay on, however the department is in good hands and I foresee a bright future for them.

We had our leaving party last night, it was fun to see everyone there, from the department and others across the company. It showed how much we made an impact on the company as a whole to see so many faces, share a few laughs and dance to music. It was really nice to see old faces that had long left Customer Services come back to wish us good luck, having fun with them and a toast to our next adventure.

Many of us left looking for new work, I was able to find a contract position in another department within the company for the next 3 months. It is sad being the last one left from the department, even if only for a little while. The reason I took the position, even if the salary would still be the same was because it would provide me up-to-date administrative experience. Which I felt I decayed while I was in Customer Services. Sure we did our fair bit of administrative work, but it was only a small part of our role. In the new role it will mainly be focused around that, I will leave in 3 months with a well rounded set of skills.

On to more personal things, I have finished my last WIP in January and have started my next round of edit on Ascendance, while also at the same time starting a new WIP. Its kinda full on, but I felt I would be burnt out if I only focused on editing, so just started this new WIP because it will be short and sweet, something to keep the juices in my mind running.

I intend to start querying Ascendance midyear, once I get feedback from beta’s. Which is exciting for me because I feel this story is much stronger then the version from 2 years ago.

Now that my time is less manic I will try to post regularly again, try to get my reviews and writing prompts out. I really miss doing them, so am looking forward to the future.

Anyway just a little post from myself and how I am doing.

See you guys next post.


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