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New years update

Hi all, Ru here.

It has been some time since I was active on WordPress, in fact, my last post was on the 28th October 2017 which is a whopping 75 days. I have dropped off the radar for the last couple of months, primarily to focus on other things but also because I lost interest in WordPress.

I was burnt out, from commenting and posting. I don’t mind posting three days a week, but I felt that after a while I was losing interest. In fact, my last few posts were not as detailed as I would have liked to make them. Which surprised me as I was writing about things I liked, from writing prompts to reviews.

I want to now start writing again, but this time I will try a different strategy. I want to do writing prompts again because I enjoyed them immensely and the reviews. I think this time I will try and make a backlog of posts, in case I am not feeling the drive to write on a certain day. That type of leeway would allow me to not get burnt out so quickly.

The end of the year I was still keeping busy, my attention turned away from WordPress and to my own writing. I didn’t do Nano in 2017, intent on focusing on my story. this meant that by the end of December I had finished it which is one good point. I am happy that I finished it, even if the ending of my story was a bit disjointed. I have learned a lot from it, in regards to plotting and setting up scenes.

I hope to take this onto my next WIP which is another half-finished story from Nano 2016, this I should hopefully finish by midyear. This is a story I have a lot of promise in, primarily a fantasy story, but with elements of steampunk/firearms in it. I really like the premise I have for it, this will likely be a story I continue to the next draft.

Ideally, in 2018 I want to complete another full story, this time putting into practice everything I have learned over the last few years and making this story as good as it can be.  While there are certain aspects of the novel writing process I am not good at, I think in general I should be able to make a genuinely interesting story. With carefully planned out scenes and character developments.

This will be the true test of my ability to write, this next story needs to be completed satisfactorily.

Onto my next development is that I will start editing Ascendance, which is primarily a fantasy with elements of sci-fi in it. It is currently in its 3rd draft, this should be the last draft before I start querying it to agents. I really like this story and do hope that it does well. It is the second full story I have ever completed, the additional drafts I have done shows my progress as a writer.

In my work life, I am being made redundant from March onwards, which is both frightening and good. Frightening because I will be out of a stable job, but good because it can lead to new opportunities. I can look for new and better work but I am also looking into freelance work.

I want to work as a freelance writer, with me being a writer it seems like a logical way forward. I have this week created accounts on both Upwork and Fiver, I hope to start slowly completing projects over the next few months. I am a bit nervous because this will be me interacting with others over the internet in a professional format, it is something I have never done before.

Still, it should be an enlightening experience, I hopefully won’t flounder, but will be mindful as I wade into the freelance world.

Anyway, those are all the main points of my last few months, I think I am moving in a direction that I am happy with. I have made a checklist during the festive break on what I want to accomplish for the next year. Which I may post up here.

For now, I will see you guys in my next post, which should hopefully be soon.


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