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Writing Prompt 11

Hi all, Ru back here with another prompt. this one is slightly weirder but was fun to write. I hope you enjoy.

After eight hours of labor, your wife lays an egg.


Tim clutched the hand of his beautiful wife, as she screamed. The labour had been going on for a long time, and now it was almost over.

“Push dear,” Tim said.

“I am, this is much worse than before,” Anita said, her face scrunched up in pain.

“Just a little more, the baby will come out soon.”Said the nurse.

Tim sighed, almost over and he could relax. Anita could then sleep with the baby, and his life would continue.

“It hurts,”Anita said.

“I know dear, but a little more,” Tim said, continuing to placate his wife, brushing sweat off her face and caressing her arm. He was about to say something else when the nurse’s words caught his attention.

“What is this?” the nurse said, between his wife’s legs.

“What is happening?”Tim said, as his wife roared again.

“I am not sure, this should be impossible.” the nurse replied.

Tim started to worry, had something gone wrong. Everything seemed normal so far, apart from his wife volume. Different thoughts started to fly through his head, had a complication occurred or was there something the doctors had forgotten to do.

“What is it,” Tim said, adding some force to his voice.

“Its hard.” the nurse said.

“What, my baby or Anita?”

“Not Anita, but something else is coming out.” the nurse said.

Tim’s heart stopped, he gazed at the nurse and then turned to his wife. She still had her eyes closed and was gritting her teeth.

“Let me so,” Tim said. He moved away from his wife and stood to the side of the nurse. He gasped as he gazed down at his wife’s legs, he expected to see a baby but all he saw was something else coming out.

“Is that a ball?”Tim said. Had his wife played a joke and put a ball inside her, or was this something else.

“An egg, I think.” the nurse said.

“What is happening,”Anita said, opening her eyes.

“Just keep pushing, everything will be fine,” Tim said.

“Yes, please do.” the nurse added.

Tim watched in horror and fascination as an egg, larger than anything he had seen in his life pop out of his wife. It was dark, with lines crisscrossing the surface. It reminded him of something from a sci-fi movie, goo covered the gg as it fell into the nurse’s hand.

“Its an egg,” the nurse said. She stared in shock at the object, Tim could help but do the same.

“mmph.” Anita said.

His wife looked dazed, almost like she could fall asleep at any moment.

Crack, Crack, Crack,

Tim watched in fascination as cracks appeared along the egg, slowly growing larger until a chunk of the shell fell off.

“What in the world,” the nurse said.

“Yeah, very strange.” Tim murmured, as he watched a scaly head appear from the egg look up at him and what he could best guess was a roar came out of its mouth.



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