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Going to the Dentist

Technically this post is a review, but not. Though my main point from it is for you to go to the dentist, book an appointment NOW.

That said and done, into my post.

I haven’t taken good care of my teeth, throughout my whole life. Frankly, because I am bad at brushing and to a smaller extent I wasn’t taught how to when I was younger.

I have never flossed or at least not for longer than a night or two. I just didn’t like the feeling, now I am being told to floss and with my teeth, in their current state, I am a little bit scared. It always feels weird, and I didn’t do it before because of that.

Now I am paying the price. Last year I had a molar on each side of my taken out because they were rotting. Now I return to the dentist to find my other teeth are not a great shape. The other week I had a deep clean, I found out my teeth were weak and I may lose some of my front teeth. This has put me on edge a little, losing my molars I was fine with, but perhaps my front teeth, I am not so sure ok.

The dentist said if I can do my best I may be able to save them, there in the early stages, so just need to put work into saving them. Which filled me with a little bit of terror, I don’t want to lose them.

Which means a lot if work. I am gonna change my diet, brush more. I have even bought an electric toothbrush which cost £79. I am gonna go all in to save my teeth. I am being more thoughtful when I brush now, taking more time. Brushing in light circles as the Dentist said and angling my brush upwards or downwards slightly.

It’s partly because of vanity, I don’t want to lose my front teeth, the back I am more fine with. But I am growing more worried as the days go by. My front teeth ‘click’ more often now, almost after each meal now. I am gonna switch over to soup and bread for a while, to see if that helps. Online it says eating stuff like salmon help, which means I may switch to eating more fish now instead of chicken or meat.

I have even checked a few sites for prosthetic teeth, which can cost from £1000 upwards. I don’t want to go down that route, but I may in the future. It’s all so strange, and worrying for me. I think it has just come to a head today, I couldn’t even have a hot chocolate while writing without my teeth clicking afterwards.

I now need to book another appointment for follow-up deep clean, maybe the last before I go back in three months. I hope I won’t lose anymore teeth in the next few years, I am gonna try my best to clean them. I just hope they can hold on a little longer.





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