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Product Review: Easyacc charger

Hi all,

Ru back here with another review, this time of the EasyAcc portable charger. I bought this a couple of weeks back in preparation for Glastonbury Festival, I knew we needed a portable charger for the festival otherwise we would be in trouble. I didn’t want to waste time charging my phone at a charging shop, plus it would help in other situations. so I went online, found the Easyacc charger and bought it.

First of all the device is slightly large, I mean you could fit it into a jean pocket but barely and it would stick out. It is also slightly heavy, nothing too much but you would be able to feel the weight in comparison to the iPhone. These few drawbacks aside it is a very good charger and looks really nice.

I had used it a few times over the weeks leading up to Glastonbury but not too much. Glastonbury itself seemed to be the real test. I had charged it up fully before Glastonbury, and over the weekend it was used around 13 times to do a full charge, maybe more. We mainly had our phones charged up with it but Ali also uses E-cigarettes which were also charged but I do not think they take up as much charge as the phones did.

So literally it lasted from the Wednesday morning all the way to Saturday afternoon, only going down one light out of 4, which shows how much charge there is. The only issue that came up was on Saturday afternoon, it had gone down to three bars so I had expected it to last all of Glastonbury, but while charging the e-cigarette the battery went. It was at 3 lights, so at the very least it should have lasted all of Glastonbury. I am not fully sure what had happened as we opened up my bag to find it out of any charge.

I will experiment with it a bit more in the next few weeks, to see how many full charges it can take, and what its limits are. It is a very good charger, and I would hate for there to be some major fault with it.

In any case, it is a goo charger, I would say if others do need a charger then this appears to be good. It isn’t too big and can fit easily into any type of bag, it is very sturdy so it won’t get broken easily.


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