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Writing Prompt 06


Hi all,

A few weeks ago Ali and I went to a writing workshop. It was a good thing to go to, really enjoyed my time there. Wrote a little and discovered some stuff about my writing. Below is one of the writing prompts we had, a bit unpolished but I like it. It was a small exercise in description for me, and setting a uncertain tone in the narrative – not sure if I pulled it off though.

A Man wonders and finds a destination.


Cassius moved against the wind, squinting his eyes as little bits of debris tried to blind him. He pulled the collar of his coat, tightening it around his neck, trying to retain what little warm it offered. In this weather that was hard, the blight of winter had fully set in, covering the streets with rain and occasionally snow.

How I hate this, Cassius thought. He gazed up at the clock tower in the distance, standing proudly above the skyline of the city. The small one story houses that dotted this area kept him moving, the occupants were not people he wanted to deal with right now.

Get to the the clock tower, Cassius thought. He just needed to make it, only a few more feet. The wind picked up, with it the rain. At the edges of his hearing he could hear the howl of the wind, or was it something else.

Cassius turned around to look behind him, only an empty street lay before him. His footprints in the half dried snow already covered up by the rain or sleet that it turning into. He looked at the docks, or what he could see of them. He could just make out the mast of the ships that were docked, but wasn’t able to make up much else. He knew the seaman would be frantically anchoring down, from the storm.

The wind howled again, another gust slammed into him .Cassius turned around, scrambling up the road and to the clock tower. The howling continued as he neared the building, the windows had been boarded up due to the cold season, he went straight to the big oak doors and slammed his fist into them.

“Sir Gerard, please are you there?”Cassius said, slamming his fists a few more times into the wood.”Please Sir Gerard, allow me entry.”

The wind picked up again, he twisted round and faced the street. It was empty but at the edge of his hearing he could definitely hear howls. Not from the wind, but from something else. The street disappeared from his view, being blanketed in snow. Through the thickly dropping snow he could see a black shape appear, steadily growing large as the seconds past.

Cassius felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest, even as his nose and eyebrows started to freeze in the downpour. The black shape grew every big, until he was sure it was only a few feet away from him. Then his world tumbled, he felt his back hit something and the white of the snow replaced by darkness.

“Inside with you.”said Sir Gerard. He was pulled in by the scruff of his neck by the the large man,once his legs were through the doorway Sir Gerard moved to the the threshold and waved a stick before him.”Begone vile creature, for I am a noble.”

Cassius watched through half lidded eyes as Sir Gerard stood at the door for a moment longer before closing it and turning to face him.

“You have been through a lot stranger, let’s get you cleaned up.”Sir Gerard said, his eyes lighting up.


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