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Movie Review: iBoy

Hi all,

Ali and I recently watched iBoy a Netflix movie starring Maisie Williams and Bill Milner. It is a British science fiction movie, that has been acquired by Netflix.

It is at this stage that I say if you don’t want any major spoilers then do not read past this point, while I try to keep it to a minimum there will be spoilers as I talk about certain things in the movie.

The movie is about Tom (Bill Milner) who lives in a poor gang filled area of London, he is living his life when his friend Lucy (Maisie Williams) is rapes by a local gang. Throughout the movie Tom tries to get justice and revenge for his friend, locate the gang members and provide justice to Lucy.

Tom is one of the first people to walk in on the attackers as they finished with Lucy, when he tried to escape he was shot while trying too call the police. The bullet destroyed the phone he was using and sent shards into his brain. Waking up a few days afterwards Tom realises he is able to see digital signals and listen in on phone conversations.

As Tom gains further understanding of this new ability he slowly pierces together clues as to who gangraped Lucy, who shot him afterwards and brings them to justice. The further he digs into this incident the more he discovers about the local gangs, how they operate and who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Now the above is the general summary of the movie, overall the movie is good. It has some very good moments and scenes, especially with Tom, and panning shots of the local area. One scene that comes to mind is when Tom visits a undergound warehouse party, the music tied to what Tom was doing drew me in. The were other shots like that throughout the movie, Eben Bolter the cinematography did an excellent job in planning these out and setting the atmosphere of the movie.

Now this gritty feel I really liked, and brought along with it a understanding of a London estate. I have read one review stating that setting a mood such as this really detracted from the movie as a whole, that it should have been a ‘lighter’ movie with more jokes and comedy set in. Now I do not think this is right, again opinions are subjective but I feel that the mood of the film was fitting.

The actors played their parts very well in the environments they were placed in. Bill Milner acting was on the spot, able to portrayed a trouble teen, that was also trying to look out for a friend. He showed off the pressures a teen could have in life, both from home and outside. A protective grandma who was looking out for him, to trying to fit in at school and interact with friends.

I felt the plot progressed very well, the application of his new abilities were very interesting to see. Though some jumps in logic were hard to catch, certain occasions when Tom found a new clue it wouldn’t be explained very well until a scene or two later when we would be able to figure it out ourselves/ I don’t think this was an intended part of the movie, as the other scenes we were able to easily follow what was going on and what Tom’s thought process was.

The final scene in the movie, with rain pouring down on Tom and the overall bad guy was excellent. The feelings and actions everybody were to convey drew me in, and left me on the edge of my seat.

The movie over all was very good, a nice movie with a original concept in its use powers. I will rewatch it at some point.

Anyone else watch the movie, what do you think of it?


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