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The Vote

Hi all,

So I have just come back from placing my vote in the General Election, I am sitting down now mostly waiting for tomorrow to see the result.

I live in the UK so currently we have Theresa May as our PM, but there are other candidates vying for the role. Such as Jermy Corbyn in the Labour party, who leads the next largest party.

I hope dearly that May is not re-elected, I don’t agree with her at all and her party manifesto. Though I do confess that I did wish I took a more active part, that I looked into all sides of the election more then I did.

This next 24 hours will be a telling time, does the UK continue down its current path with the conservatives. A time with more cuts to the public services, while other parts of the UK receive increasing benefits due to the current system.

Its not a fun situation to be in, with people currently in power that appear not have the best interest of the people.

Yes I know my above sentence is very idealistic, but I do wish they could and try to uphold some type of goodness. Even a little.

In any case I can only hope the right party gets, even if it will be the lesser of two evils. One looks to be a defender while the other only attacks.

Anyway, bit of a short post but just wanted to get some thoughts off my chest.


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