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Poem: The Sweet Chilli Crisps

Hi All,

I am back again, feels good to be posting frequently. Below is my proper post since returning, and it is a poem! I wrote this poem during a workshop my girlfriend and I went to a couple of weeks back.

I was bored at one point so decided to write it about a bag of crisps with a new flavour, I hope you enjoy.

The sweet chilli crisp

how I want you


I think of you

lying there

unopened on the desk.


You taunt me

So I reach forward

and open your packet.

Releasing in an instance your aroma,

that is sweet chilli.


I take the first bite,

my tongue lapping your surface,

breaking your surface

into little pieces

and swallowing.


Realisation strikes me.

You are not what you appear to be.

Not like the cheese and onion

or the salted vinegar


or the vaunted prawn cocktails.

You are not tasty,

not like you have shown earlier.


I eat you,

not because of your taste.


Only because I paid money

for you.

I finish you

and vow to never think of you



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