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Learning Spanish

Hi all,

This is a bit of a short post, but I wanted to say I am learning Spanish.

I have an app called Duolingo that is meant to be great for learning languages, so I thought I would give it a try.  I have only taken the very first lesson so far, I now one phrase in Spanish and a few words.

I am writing this post to confirm this if I didn’t then I may lapse and stop learning the language. As I am now writing my intentions it makes them more real and solid. That I now need to keep learning Spanish, and now slack off.

I think I have made a good start, only a lesson in and I feel like I am remembering everything. It feels like it would be a lot easier to learn than say Japanese, I study Japanese in college and it was hard. By the end of college I was able to speak Japanese conversationally, the biggest stumbling block I had with it was the totally different writing script.

With Spanish, I feel like it would be easier, simply for the fact that the structure of the sentence isn’t flipped around like it is in Japanese. I just need to keep up with it, study as much as I can.

The last day I studied was on Monday, so I do need to get back to it this weekend and continue. I cannot fall behind on this, it is something different to do besides my novels and NVQ.

In any case just a small post by myself, I will be back on Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Learning Spanish

  1. I am also learning Spanish. I’m using Rosetta Stone for about 6 weeks. It’s wonderful. I also speak with Spanish speaking people in my neighborhood. Small sentences, but I’m learning. What I haven’t yet learned in Rosette Stone, I look up in Google translator.


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