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Writing and dealing with distractions

Hi all,

This is my third attempt at writing this post. My previous two appear to get deleted by kindle somehow while I am writing it. So third time is a charm right? 

Today is bank holiday Monday in the UK, meaning one extra day of relaxing. This whole weekend has been nice, been able to catch up with my friends and generally have a good time. 

My plan for Monday was to have a lazy morning, and then early afternoon start to write, anything from my novel to plotting ideas. I have recently started to write mainly via word sprints, and actually doing very well. 

Now my mother has wanted to trim a tree in our garden, so when my uncle came to do so I helped. It was a distraction but I knew this wasn’t one I could ignore, I put down my writing and helped out.

Now I am not one for much physical labour, there is a reason why I didn’t go into a profession that focused on that. But I had a good time, working with my uncle for the next few hours.

Soon enough the work was done, I enjoyed myself and then said bye to my uncle. 

I sat down again and managed a sprint, but was distracted again. This time by my brother and his children coming round, now I love them to bits. I could have got annoyed at being distracted again, but I didn’t. 

Sometimes these things happen, so I left my writing, of which I had only done 159 words and hanged out with them for the next hour or so. It was really enjoyable, chatting to him and the kids. 

Soon enough they left and I pottered around the house for a bit, another distraction came in the form of a neighbors house alarm going off. I checked with a few other people and once we found nothing amiss we returned back to our homes.

By now it is almost 8, the whole day has gone by and now I finally managed a proper sprint. Again I am not annoyed, these things happen, some distractions we can avoid, but others are harder to and in those cases we should role with them and not against them. 

I managed to do a sprint, writing 539 words. I should manage one more sprint tonight before I head to sleep. Overall it hasn’t been a bad day, very nice actually. 

Anyway this is just a post about how my day went. It has been good, I hope everyone else’s bank holiday has been nice! 


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