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Hi all, Ru back here.

Time is a precious commodity we have, we need time to do things. We need time to go to work, relax and play.

I just find it strange how quickly time fly’s, a little while ago I was thinking the whole year is ahead and now we are almost into May. The first half of the year has flown by and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Time is something we value, but don’t take note of. We have timetables of things we will do. Go to the doctors, have a yoga class next Friday, work starts at 7am tomorrow instead of 8am. We take note of it unconsciously but we do not value you it, life has become very fast paced.

Will it slow down? Maybe not, but we can do things to take more note of it. Something I have discovered lately, I meditate often now. Not for long mind you, usually ten minutes almost every few day almost, but at the very least over the past week or two at work, I have taken a moment. Closed my eyes and tried to slow myself down for a few minutes, and take note of what has happened during the day and internalise it.

I don’t know what help this will have but it helps me think through things, things I have done that past day and things I will do in the future.

Meditation has helped me in other ways, and I hope it helps here.

Anyway just something I have been thinking about and wanted to actually write down my thoughts. I may visit this again sometime in further length.


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