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Oculus Rift Review: The coming age of virtual reality

Hi All,

It is Ru back, this time with a review about Oculus Rift.

Now I first heard of Virtual Reality headset around 5 years ago, at the time it was just a few random conversations I had with people and I didn’t think much of it. I listened and then continued on with my life, not giving it much thought.

It wasn’t until my friend and I went to a VR expo around 4-5 years ago, it was my first true experience of VR. Even those early days I could see how awesome it would be, along with Augmented Reality. We spent the after wondering different versions of VR and AR, trying each and getting very immersed in it. My friend knew much more about the technology behind VR, he had been tracking its progress for the few years beforehand.

I was blown away, even though the graphics and motion recognition wasn’t at what it is today I was still astounded. I could literally feel myself walking around the basic design as if I was already there, and interact with things. At that moment 4-5 years ago I wanted this technology to be more advance, this was a small taste but it definitely wet my appetite for VR.

September of 2014 my friend and I went to a game expo in Hammersmith, London. There we experience VR again, this time with Alien Isolation. Suffice to say the experience was terrifying, it was like I was actually there with the alien wondering around. I was again astounded, and I loved the whole experience. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience much more of it that time round, but we heard at the time Oculus Rift would be coming out very soon.

My friend put a pre-order in for it, the Oculus Rift arrived a few weeks to a month ago. A couple of weeks ago we finally experienced it, and it was amazing. Now my friend has an amazing computer so I guess that helped, but everything about the Oculus Rift blew me away. The graphics, sound, motion checking and other such technicals things were at a suitable level, I could have played in numerous games for hours.

The headwear itself was nice and smooth, it did take some time to readjust. My friend said he is used to it and doesn’t really need to change it much. So I guess that is a good thing for it, that it is something that won’t be annoying over a long term.

The price for the Rift was around 600 pounds (my pound sign is not working), which does indeed cost over 3 times the amount of the cheapest PS4 I have found and it is as much as some standard desktops. However, I feel if you are into this type of gaming then it is worth it. However, over the next few years this price may come down, as it is still very new technology.

I feel like there are numerous other applications for VR beyond just gaming, such as property. You would actually need to go a property anymore that is across the country, you could use a VR set to view properties. Sometimes when having work done on a property and you don’t have time to go and check in every day, the VR system would be a good way to keep track.

The above is just some thoughts on VR, I really like it and can’t wait for the future. When other VR sets come out in the future there will be a lot of competion and I cannot wait to see how the technology progresses.

Have you guys every used VR, if so what were your experiences?


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