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That blank page – Or struggling with writing the first word.

Hi all,

Over the past few weeks, I have been slowly working on my Nano 2016 novel. I say slowly but I mean more at a snail’s pace in comparison to how I was at Nano.Which is fine, I have time to finish off the novel – end of March.

4 full weeks.

I am not worried about completing it, as I said in a previous post. I have the motivation, and right now I am just rebuilding the discipline. The discipline I had during Nano, but left during the downtime of December and January.

However, I am annoyed at my progress. Building up the discipline is hard, and I wish I could spend more time writing my novel before my mind starts to wander. It is very likely a by-product of being tired after a long day of work, but I did this during Nano and won easily.

The struggle is mainly with the blank page, the first chapter or scene that I am writing. A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first. Right now that first step or word is hard, my mind is being critical of the word choice. My inner editor is sabotaging me from writing, distracting me.

I had a handle on it during Nano, with discipline I will regain control over my editor. At this state (the first draft) I can’t be too critical of my work, at least nor more than a cursory glance. I can leave that for the second or third draft.

However, it is hard.

In the cafe after work, a battle is being fought internally. One that I am slowly winning, I can see the progress. before my eyes as the words start to flow.

This past weekend, Easter weekend to be factual I have gained more enthusiasm. I have completed a further 3 chapters, 3 chapters closer to the end of my novel. 

I feel the reason why I have had this spurt is due to me fully completing the outline for my novel. Now I can see where the story is going and work my way there. 

What I just need to do is continue this, I may not be able to keep to the same pace as during the week, this is due to work. However I should be able to keep going, keep up the work and finish this novel. 

I will perhaps try to go to

More writing groups, they usually increase my drive to write. 

In any case these are just my thoughts for my novel, I will continue and hopefully finish it in the next few weeks, perhaps s little earlier. 


7 thoughts on “That blank page – Or struggling with writing the first word.

  1. You will get your concentration back hun, the fact that you got like 2500 words written this weekend with all my craziness blowing around you says loads about how much you are able to concentrate and focus. Soon it will happen every time you sit down to write! Love you so much xxx

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  2. I agree a blank page is terrifying, but at least you know you can do it because you’ve done it before. I’m glad to hear your discipline is coming back. Maybe you could tempt it some more by leaving out milk and cookies overnight.

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    1. Yup it can be very, luckily I feel like I am getting over it. Currently sitting in a coffee shop, having written 791 in the last hour. I have wrote around 6000-8000 words this week, coming back with a bang!

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