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Review: Escape the Room

Hi all,

So a couple of weeks ago my friends and I went to an Escape the Room in London Fields. Escape the Rooms are games where we are locked up inside a room or series of rooms and our task is to get out. There is usually a storyline to follow, either we are time travellers trying to stop a person from finding a secret or working at the behest of someone else.

Suffice to say we like these games, a lot.

We have been playing these games for almost 3 years now, our first was in Munich. It was a simple one, we were locked in one room which appeared to by used for washing. Not the greatest in decor, but it got us hooked. We loved the whole aspect of it, trying to problem solve our way out, finding clues and moving about the room.

I think it was the fact that we were doing this in real life, and not just on a computer. We ourselves were moving about the room, looking behind closets or tables to find keys or clues to help our escape.

The first time it was me, Phill and Mike. Two brothers, I have known throughout the years, but now we have included more of our friends. It is now a birthday or major event in our calendar, whenever someone’s birthday is coming up we almost always know that an Escape the Room will be involved.

The best one we have done was in Amsterdam, it was actually spread over two buildings and we had to find our way from the first building to the next before things truly began. However, as we are London-based we have done most of them here.  While they haven’t compared equally to the Amsterdam Room, they still have been noteworthy.

It is a good thing about being based in London, so many new rooms are opening up or currently open ones changing their “Story”. So that we have not yet had to do the same one again, which is great!

It’s nice to have dinner, and then over the next two hours burn it off trying to escape. I would suggest going to one of these if you are up for a challenge and want to get out of the house.

The rooms can usually hold 5-6 people, so we usually split into two rooms. They last an hour, plus extra time to be told the rules and story of the Room. They can be spread over to small rooms, to massive chambers. They are sometimes expensive, ranging from as low as 20 pounds per person to as high as 35 pounds.

Overall, it is a good experience, and I cannot wait for our next one. Which should be for my birthday in June, I need to plan and prepare the day soon. Get invites out and see if there are any new rooms opening up around London. Tripadvisor is currently the best way to get that information, most of these rooms are almost immediately on it.

Anyway, I hope everyone has enjoyed my little review. tell me what you think, have you guys been to one yet?


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