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Recapping the last few weeks.

Hi all,

Ru back, and I promise this time I will stay. 🙂

The below is just a small recap of what has been going on in my life since my last major post.

I have a busy past few weeks, my three-year anniversary with my girlfriend was spent in sunny Brighton. Was a good day out, and we ate lots of chocolate! Which was very fun and tasty!

Then the next few weeks up until the start of this week have been busy, with work and home life. So not been able to post all. I need to get back into the routine, which I will hopefully with this post.

That means back to my three posts a week schedule, Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Which I can easily do because I have been doing it before and can do so again.

On other issues, I have finally started writing my novels again. Currently working on my Nano novel, which I started again this week and actually wanted to get finished by February.

Yeesh, I am very late. No matter, I can easily catch back up and finish it. I have written up most of the chapter summaries, now I just need to write it. I am very excited about starting again, my drive is back fully I feel and I cannot wait.

I have this Easter weekend to do as much writing as I can, before heading back to work next week.

Which leads me to my next point, I am doing an NVQ and last week I had passed another few units. Which is great, means I am one more step to completing the whole qualification. Which may be by the end of the year, give or take a few months. At that point, I can think about other qualifications that I may want to complete, maybe doing my Maths again, or something else. Options are endless at my work, which is fun.

In response to what has happened over the past few weeks, I have also taken up meditation, using an app called Headspace. Which so far has been very good, and relaxing. I have a slightly issue with double or triple checking that I have locked my front door when I leave. I have noticed since doing the meditation that I don’t do it much anymore, which is encouraging.

In conjunction with meditation, I have also started to read the Power of Now. A book I remember reading 7-8 years ago and helping me. now I am going through it again with fresh eyes, and immensely enjoying the message it is trying to get across.


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