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Hi all,

Ru back, and I have missed my last two posts. For that I am sorry, it seems I have slowed down in my writing.

My computer broke over two weeks ago since then I feel like my writing output has dropped significantly. Especially since my laptop is old and very slow, so I rarely use it too much. I try to use it after work, but when I get home I do not use it all or not much.

It all leads me to not writing that much, this post is my first bit of proper writing I have done since my computer has broken.

However, that isn’t to say that everything has gone down since my computer broke. I am not going to sleep earlier and refreshed in the morning. I never expected it to impact my life that much, but I would stay up later when on the computer, either playing games or writing.

It has given me a new appreciation of life without a computer. I expect to get my computer fixed sometime in the next week or two, but even after I do so I will implement some new plans. To try and not use my computer on certain days throughout the week, to just let my mind relax. While I don’t expect to do so every day of the week, if I can just manage a few I will feel happy.

Overall this is a short query, I will start writing again in earnest on the weekend. Expect my next post to be on Saturday, we had some good times over the weekend at an Escape the Room game in London.

For now, have a good day.


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