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Travel: Visa and Passport

Hi all,

I was going to do this post under the radar, but I will not.

I missed my Monday post, I went home and slept. I had most of it written up, and just needed to add a few more lines. However, I was tired on Monday, just relaxed and totally forgot.

I am sorry for that, I do like my Monday posts. It is nice to get the brain moving after the weekend, and I usually get my posts written but lunch time.

In any case, I am sorry and lets move on. I am sure you don’t want to have half this post lamenting about the fact I missed Mondays.

This post is about my progress so far in doing my to do list for travelling, if anyone remembers it was a comprehensive post.

I have broken it down bit by bit, first point is Vaccinations. I visited my local GP and was given a rundown of all the vaccinations I need to take and how much it would cost.

Suffice to say I am very happy, according to my GP I may not have to pay that much. I remember Ali telling me she had to pay a few hundred for all her vaccinations, I was slightly dreading hearing the total price from my GP. He stated I may only need to spend around £50, and that’s mainly for Japanese encephalitis. Everything else appears to be covered by my GP, which is fantastic.

I am going to do another check and confirm that, but right now I am very happy.

The second thing I have looked into is my passport, I have never personally had to update my password. I was worried, as  I haven’t even done my provisional license. I have found that I can do the passport renewal online, instead of via post. It costs £72.50, which isn’t that bad and it should take a few weeks.

I haven’t done the application yet, just waiting for my payday. Once my pay comes I will process the application and get it sorted out.

Third but by no means last is the Visa. Looking at everything Visa is going to be the biggest spend outside of the plane tickets.

For India alone the fee is £110 for up to one year with multiple re-entries, now I will do more searches because we only intend to travel for one more or two at most. Afterwards we will head further east, across Asia.

Now this is the new thing I am slightly worried about, we do wish to go the 4 or 5 countries. I will need to do a further check on those countries, to see how we can apply and at what times should we apply for Visa.

Right now I am feeling fairly optimistic about this trip, there are a few things we need to look into with further detail. We are not behind in any regards to preparations, over the next few months we will by equipment that we need, from backpack to gear. That will be fun, we have gone hiking before, but this will be a different experience.

Anyway, enough from me. Hope you guys enjoyed the run down of our plans so far, and see you in the next post.


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