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The Flow State – How I love it.

Hi all.

Ru back here, and I want to talk about the Flow State. The Flow State is wonderful, you can enter it in any type of situation. It where things com easily to you, you feel like you can continue for a VERY long time.

The Flow State is wonderful, you can enter it in any type of situation. It where things com easily to you, you feel like you can continue for a VERY long time.

I love it but have only experienced it a small number of times. Each of those times it was during the process of writing, specifically during Nano. The rush of Nano changed my mindset, I needed to write a lot of words if I didn’t then I wouldn’t reach the word count for a particular day.

My body reacted without me knowing about it, soon afterward I found myself breezing past the word goal for the day.

All because of the wonderful Flow State.

Wikipedia essential that the Flow State is a positive part of our psychology. A state of movement, of being energetic about the task that we are doing and being fully involved in it’s completion

I can fully agree wth the above.

Distractions disappear, all the remains is the work and I. Two things in a void, nothing else matters. Not the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop, facebook or the internet in general. To me, in that moment all that matters is the writing, and putting down into words the next scene.

I have never entered this state before writing, but I had heard of it from other people. From athletes to the random person in bar, to whenever someone used to state it I would nod my head and continue on with the conversation. I wouldn’t give that comment a further thought, it would be like someone bragging they scored one hundred goals against a master level opponent in Fifa. People brag about things all the time, but it is not meant to be taking seriously.

It wasn’t until my first Nano, I was already a few thousand words ahead of the target goal for the month, it was at the point I entered the Flow State. Now I say entered, but I really have no other way to describe the feeling. One moment I was struggling to write, the scene wouldn’t come out and the next moment as the clock reached midnight the words were pouring out of me.

There was no one moment I was not in the Flow State and the next I was.

It was more like a small stream steadily growing larger with the downpour from that day. The floodgates had literally opened, and my creative thoughts were let free. As stated above, I loved the feeling. At the end of the night I looked back at my word, while the first draft is never really that great, I could still see I had kept my normal level of quality while I was in the state. While easily doing in an hour-long session what I had failed to do in the previous three hours.

I don’t truly know if this is what other people experience, I would assume we all experience the Flow State similar but differently, We each have our own take on it, and the above is mine. I haven’t reached the Flow State since the last Nano, but I know it will come on days when everything aligns.

I guess someone could training themselves to enter it on will, something to do with NLP. NLP is a fascinating area, and I would love to delve deeper into it – specifically in regards to the Flow State.

However, that’s a whole other ball game that I don’t want to get into right now. Suffice to say I enjoy the Flow State and everything it brings. I wish it happened more often, but I know the likelihood go up the more active I get in writing. So that is my next step, to write as much as I can and enjoy it at the same time.

The Flow State will come, I just have to be patient.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my version of the Flow State. Has anyone else experienced it, if so how do you feel in regards to it?


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