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My computer has crashed, how I missed it already.

Hi all,

So over the weekend, my desktop computer crashed. It had a smoky end, so much so that I had to open the windows for the next hour to clear out the room of all the smell. I spent the next little while trying to figure out why, and not coming up with anything concrete.

Suffice to say I miss my computer, it is much faster than this laptop and has a lot more power. I have requested help from my friends, who state they can fix it. It may be a graphics card issue or something to do with the motherboard. I have no idea, while I did take a computer class in college I have entirely forgotten about everything that I learned.

I haven’t opened the casing yet to find out, I do not really want to touch anything. But my friends have had the bright idea of me first taking a  video of all the components and sending it to them, they can then properly diagnose the issue and help fix it afterwards.

So what I will do is open it tomorrow after work, I will have more drive and motivation to get it sort then. Right now all I want to do is just write on my laptop and laze about in the living room. I do not have much of a pressing reason to open the computer, even though I miss going on it already.

Maybe it is because it has all my games on it, I am after all a PC gamer and not a console gamer.

I can fight past that feeling, perhaps it is a sign, Yes, I can use that thought. I will focus more on my writing on the laptop, instead of gaming on the computer. While I have my goal of completing all the games in my library I have been focusing on it too much, I can use this to re-orientate myself back to writing.




5 thoughts on “My computer has crashed, how I missed it already.

  1. Feeling for you. I’m dreading my computer dying or just finally being too old to be compatible (which it is getting close to) with new games. I hate adjusting to a new set-up and system.


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