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I have reached 50 followers!

Hi all,

So over this weekend, I reached 50 followers via wordpress and one via email. Not a lot compared to some blogs here but to me it is.

I started this blog as a place to keep my general thoughts together, write a little and perhaps do a few reviews of things I liked. I haven’t entirely been keeping up with my follower count, but when it hits a big number like 50 I have to take notice.

I wish to say thank you all for following me, reading my posts from the random to the in depth. It does mean a lot to me that I have regular readers, and that I am always managing to get new people.

It gives a bit more weight to what I write, being more than just something I wanted to write and now becoming something other people can’t wait to read.

I hope you all stick with me, and that I can gain and entertain new followers as well. My journey is one of a writer, I am still learning so much. every day I write, and every time I improve. There are many writing blogs on here that I follow, I hope to gain knowledge from them all.

Edit: I just received a notification that this is my 50th post, nice coincidence. 



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