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Star Wars Rogue One (Non Spoiler Hopefully)

So I original wrote this a couple of hours after I watched Stars Wars: Rogue One in December of last year, I thought I had posted. Anyway it is an awesome movie, I loved watching it and you should watch it as well.

Going down from here is the original post, not edited at all. I wanted to leave my fresh thoughts in this post and not changed then to my more watered down thoughts now. 

Now that the above sentence is out of the way I can continue, this post isn’t going to have any Spoilers but I do warn people that while I believe I have removed any hints of spoilers that if you feel like you really do not want to get spoiled then do not read any further as maybe some might still slip in. It is after all only the first day, not that many people have watched the movie yet. However I advise that you do, below is just my general thoughts and feelings about it.

Rogue One for all its intentions is a complex story, we know generally what the story is going to be about from all the trailers that have been out. The over all story and plot patchy at times, especially at the beginning where I felt like the movie didn’t know what to do in terms of pacing. However just before the mid point in the movie it started hitting its stride, and by the end I was on the edge of my seat. I really like it, and how the story pulled everything together in the end.

The characters themselves were very engaging, Mads played his role brilliantly. Quiet different roles between this and Doctor Strange, I feel like he was very good and I have become a fan of his acting. Felicity Jones while I felt she was a bit wooden at the start of the movie, I felt had grown by the end. The way she portrayed her character was interesting, she poured emotion into her scenes that another actress may not have been able to. Donnie Yen also played his part well, I didn’t feel like his character was shoehorned in. His chemistry with the other characters was good, especially Felicity Jones.

Now then the cinematography was superb, I feel that it was easily better then the Force Awakens. The sweeping shots of various locations, to even the small details were done very well and at some moments were breathtakingly beautiful.

The music I feel was the only let down in the film, the was no defining score I feel. Nothing to take away from this film, no awe inspiring music. Which I felt is a shame, there was one piece of music for the Empire that I felt was ear-catching but that was about it. I hope the next Star Wars films have a good musical score, something to latch onto as the new movies start to role out.

Over all I felt the film was good, a nice new edition to the list of Star Wars films, easily better then the prequels but I have yet to decide how to place it in the full list of films. I would give it a 8/10, some things could detract people from fully enjoying the movie. I do however urge anyone that is a fan of Sci-Fi movies to watch this, a very well rounded film.


One thought on “Star Wars Rogue One (Non Spoiler Hopefully)

  1. There’s been a lot of love for this film and I’ll have to check it out once it is out on DVD. I’m not a huge fan of prequels in general because we know the ending definitively before the story even begins but with the number of positive reviews about this I’ll at least have to give it a go. Thanks for sharing your impressions of it. Shame about the music. Music has kind of been a staple of the Star Wars films from the beginning and not having memorable music seems like a wasted chance.

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