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Travel – We made a list.

Hi all,

Over the weekend Ali and I made a list for travelling, specifically for preparation. We have been thinking about travelling for two years, and this year will likely go. Across Asia, visiting as many countries as we can. It going to be a amazing experience, spiritually and emotionally.

I cannot wait.

In no particular order here is the list:

  1. I need to sort out my passport, it ends mid this year.
  • I can do this online, which makes the whole process a lot more eaiser.
  1. Sort out Vaccinations.
  1. Sort out Visa.
  • We need to find out which country we need Visa for
  • How long we can stay in a country with that Viisa
  • What time we need to apply for the Visa
  1. Budget our Trip.
  2. Plan a Generic Route across Asia.
  3. Plan a detailed route by country.
  4. Plan excursions 
  • We need to budget country by country and for the entire trip
  1. Sort out Credit Cards
  • Some banks charge for each transaction we would do, there are a few that do not.
  1. Sort out Phones
  • Need to ideally sort out our contracts, what is the best thing for us to do. Luckily my brother works for a phone company, most of our questions can be resolved by him.
  1. Packing
  • List of all equipment we need
  • The purchase of equipment
  1. Finalise Dates
  • The most exciting thing about this, the actually day we would fly out and the start of our next adventure.

The above is all the major things we have thought about, not sure if we have wrote them all down but we will browse more forums to see if we have missed anything.

This will be our next adventure, something Ali and I have been looking forward to for the past year or two. We are going to experience so many new things! 🙂



13 thoughts on “Travel – We made a list.

      1. Oh wow that is cool. We are planning to do northern India. Start in Mumbai, head north to Delhi and then east. Though that plan isn’t set in stone, just a few potential ideas on routes.
        Do you have any places you think we should go out of our way to visit?

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      2. Oh wonderful! I think you have a fair idea of the places you want to visit.
        There are many of the ‘must see’ cities and tourist attractions, depending on what you want the experience to be like. It could be an adventure trail or visiting the prominent religious centers or architectural wonders or the vast variety in natural landscapes.
        Do tell me if there is a particular idea that you have in mind.
        P. S. Forgive me for the delay in replying.

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      3. Hi,
        No problem for the late reply, we all get busy!
        We are planning a general trip, but want to go to a lot of religion centres. We are highly interested in the religions of India and the rest of Asia. We do want to visit a lot of religion sites, but also cultural sites. I have a interest in the old nation states that used to exist in India and the rest of Asia.
        Apart from that just fun places to explore, and sight see.
        I plan to make a huge word doc of all places to visit, with prices and when to do them. Any help you could provide would be very useful!

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      4. Hi Ru,
        I would prepare a list of religious and cultural centers that are interesting and visitor friendly. And yes, the fun places 🙂 give me a couple of days!


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