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Motivation: A strange word

Hi all,

I often talk about motivation and discipline, they both go hand in hand in regards to write and all manners of life. We get the motivation to do a lot of things, from hobbies to going out to eat. Motivation or lack thereof is an ever-present facet of our life, something inescapable like breathing or going to the loo.

Saying all that, I have the motivation to write but I do not have the discipline to write. What I mean by that is I am writing constantly, from blog posts to short chapters. However, I am not currently writing my novels, which is where my frustration rises up. I know I can write and have the motivation, but I do not currently have the discipline to write my various novels.

Right now I am writing this blog post because of that, as a tribute to my failings. I work best with visual or practical stimuli, therefore I have written this post. I need to know I am not reaching my goals, I want to become a better writer and discipline is a key part of the writing process.

I need to start heading out to cafe’s again after work and write there. Which is what I did for the month of Nano, but haven’t continued afterwards. It will move me away from all the distractions in my life, from games to tv, I can then focus on my laptop and my novels that are inside there.

Without the internet connection, I will not have access to my Google Drive, where all my short stories and blog posts are stored. Doing this has helped me in the past, and I can hope that it will help me in the future. I know what my plan is, I

I know what my plan is, I have the motivation but now I will bring discipline to my writing.


5 thoughts on “Motivation: A strange word

  1. Good luck 🙂 I know you can do it. I know what you mean though, about having motivation but less discipline.. once again I am on wordpress instead of focusing on the book!… Today I gotta force myself to work on the book, and only the book xx

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  2. You can do it!

    It’s easy to let little things get in the way of the big things you really want to do. I find writing blog posts distracts me from my novel. Getting away from the internet really helps me.

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    1. Yup, will try to work through it incrementally. Today I went to the coffee shop after work and wrote for about 40 minutes, I wrote only 200 words in that time but felt like I made some good progress. The more I do this the more I will get back into the grove of writing.
      Blog posts are great, you can get things off your chest and interact with people – which I like very much! 🙂

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      1. Great to hear!

        I do enjoy blogging and the interaction provides instantaneous gratification, which is why it’s so dangerous for pulling me away from me long-term projects.

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