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Writing Prompt 05

Hi all, Ru back again. This time with another writing prompt, this was the second Ali had given our Writing Session in Crawly. I do like this one, a good way to get the brain moving in a totally new direction. These are fun for me, I usually write Sci-Fi/Fantasy, so these types of stories that are more grounded and real.



Intrusion – a person who is going about their daily lives has their life intruded upon, either by another person or thing.


Sarah walked out of the bathroom and into her room, robed wrapped around her body and hair still dripping with water. She eyed the hairdryer in the corner, tempted to just dryer her hair now. However after the shower, she felt warm, the room was stuffy. Walking to the small framed window in her room she opened it, letting the air of the early spring rush into her room.

Sarah closed her eyes, letting her mouth open slightly to let in the wind. It swept through her hair and along her skin, revitalizing her in a way that the shower could not. After a moment she turned away, shaking off her robe and picking up the hairdryer.

She bent her body so that her head was near her stomach and her locks of blonde hair fell before her. She ran the hairdryer through her hair, feeling irritated that the cold spring air was being overpowered by the heat from the dryer.
Once her hair was at a level of dryness that she liked she put on some clothes and headed into the kitchen. She had a large number of plates still be washed, she left them usually through the week and washed them on Sunday. It was now Sunday and she had no intention of washing them, she just wanted to relax.
Instead she walked towards the kettle, making sure it was filled she switched it on and prepared her cup.

It was a few moments later that she first heard it, something at the edge of her hearing that steadily grew louder. She realised after a moment that it was shouting, coming from the front of her house. She lived on a black of flats, but unlike other places there was never any issue of gangs or violence in the area. In London it was actually one of the better off, the local council gave a lot of funds for it.

“So why is there shouting.” Sarah said, turning back to her kettle as it finished boiling the water. “Should go-”


Sarah whipped around, looking at the entrance to her room. She could see the shadows flickering through the entrance way, moving back and forth. However more important in her mind was the groaning she could hear coming from her room now.


Is it a dog? Sarah thought, but then dogs didn’t make noises like that.

“Hello, who is there?” Sarah asked, eyes looking around her small kitchen. There were a few knives that she may be able to use, but nothing to large as they were only the ones she used for cooking.

A chill went down her spine as the groaning continued, she had nothing else here that could help her. She picked up one of the used knifes, the largest in her collection and tiptoed to her bedroom. The shadows in the doorway continued to flicker, along with the groaning. She was a step away from the doorway when the shadow fell over her, standing against the door was a large hulking man.

“Ah,” Sarah said. Jumping backwards, and hitting the wall behind her.

“Argh.” moaned the man.

Sarah paused, looking at him. He was much larger than her own petite frame, wearing a large coat and sweater. He had his eyes closed, and was breathing deeply.

“What are you doing in here?” Sarah demanded, she was surprised at how strong her voice sounded. Her body was shaking, even the knife held defensively in front of her.

“Who are you?” said the man.

“I should ask you the same, please leave before I call the police.” Sarah said, biting her teeth. Her phone was behind the man, plugged against the wall still charging up.

“What?” the man said, looking at her and then the kitchen behind her.

“I said, this is my flat. Who are you and why are you here?” Sarah said, feeling more strength flow into her body. She was right now in control of the conversation, she could easily get the guy to leave.

“My name is Tony and I -” Tony said, before collapsing backwards into her bedroom.

Sarah stood frozen, looking at the empty spot where the man had been. She didn’t hear anything else for a moment, but then heard the rasping of breath in her bedroom. The world that had been frozen for just a few moments started moving again, her feet took her to the entrance of her room. Laying against her bed was Tony, his head tilted awkwardly to the side. She didn’t know much about injuries but knew a head shouldn’t be that crooked. She carefully stepped up towards the man, indecisive for only a moment before she knelt down and righted the man’s head.

Blood and saliva flowed out of his mouth, now that she was closer to him she noted the small details of his face. The spot on the right side of his forehead, a small scar just by his left ear and a large fat nose.

“Hey, are you ok?” Sarah asked, gently prodding the man.

“Huh, what?” Tony said, eyes snapping open.

“Are you fine, feeling hurt?” Sarah said, her voice still had an edge of steel in it but she did try to soften it ever so slightly.

“My chest feels funny, and I can’t really see properly.” Tony said.

Drat. Sarah thought, gazing down at his body. Right now she wished she knew more about injuries, he looked fine to her. In the distance she heard people shouting, she glanced around and found the window she had opened slightly before now fully open. Obviously how the man got in, she listened again and heard more shouting. Could they be the police?

Glancing back down at the man, she didn’t like to judge but the man didn’t look really trustworthy. In oversize coat, and baggy pants, her area had never had much trouble but he looked like he could cause some trouble. She stood up and stepped towards the window, stepping past her phone and grabbing it.

“Please don’t tell them I am here.” Tony said.

Sarah turned back to him, his voice sounded weak but sincere at the same time. She glanced back out of the window, unable to see anyone but hearing lots of people.

“They are going to beat me, put me down for good.” Tony said. “Let me just stay here for a while, lay low.”

“How do I know you haven’t caused any trouble, you just smashed in through my window!” Sarah said, frowning down at him.

“I haven’t, honestly I tell you. If you rat me out then they will kill me, please.” Tony said, trying to sit up.

“Stay down, you will hurt yourself.” Sarah said, brushing her hand through her hair. She only now realised she was naked underneath the protection of her towel, and alone in a room with a large man. She had to end this, and soon. “There has not been any trouble here, no gangs or drug dealing. I have lived here for five years, and know the area well.”

“Please.” Tony said.

Sarah glanced at the window again, the shouting had been growing nearer.

“I am going to see who they are, then we can resolve this.” Sarah said, stepping to the door.

“Please no, don’t tell them.” Tony said, again trying to sit up. His body gave out beneath him, and his head smacked against the floor.

“Stay down.” Sarah said, taking a step towards him and then stopping. She glanced at the window and then back at the man. “I am going to get help.”

Sarah walked towards the window, peered out to the street.

Then closed the window and dialled 999.



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