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Writing Prompt 04

Hi all,

I have returned with a new Writing Prompt, this one delivered by my wonderful girlfriend Ali. Two weeks ago we went to our normal writing group in Crawley, the special thing about this one was that Ali led it. The subject of that session was Domestic Noir, a very interesting 2 hours of writing and discussion. She provided interesting examples and discussed what Domestic Noir was in the current day.

She gave the below writing prompt, which I wrote at the time and have now polished up. I sort of meandered a little in this prompt, adding elements in that wasn’t in the original description. However I like it and think they add to the prompt, hope you guys like it as well.


An agoraphobic man, home is a refuge and also prison. A friend has left the home, he has to leave the flat, but finds it hard to leave.



Taylor’s extra large Nike bag was packed, filled with every important item he owned. From the tablet at the top to the small sleeping mat in the bottom. He sat down on his small chair, beside him was his cup of tea. Long gone cold, but that was fine with him.

His head whipped around to his window, another car barreled down the small road in front of his house. Illuminating his room in the white light from its indicators, before plunging it back into darkness. He turned back around to face his bag again, feeling his pulse racing in his veins.

Taylor licked his lips, eyeing the door further down in the hallway. His eyesight had become used to the darkness, able to see the handle and the small protruding sections of the wooden frame. He took a deep breath, turning his attention back to the bag and what it meant to him.

“I can’t do this anymore, putting up with you,” Jason said, it had been a month ago when he had seen the man. Leaving the apartment that they used to share, and easily walking into the outside world.

How easy it is for you. Taylor thought, seeing in his mind’s eye Jason walking out of the front door. The terror he had felt when Jason closed the door had consumed him, but had also changed him. He had relied on Jason so much, for food and companionship.

Now he needed to leave the house, or it would kill him.

The shadows swept through his room again, Taylor swallowed and wondered if it was acting on his thoughts. This was the third morning he had sat here, hoping to leave.

“But you never will.”Jason had said, all those weeks ago.

“Shut up,”Taylor whispered, his breath leaving him. As it left his chest started to ache, a dull ache at first but it grew. For the third morning it had come again, but this time the ache kept growing in his chest instead of leaving after a few moments.

“I need to leave.”Taylor said, glancing at the door. The house would kill him if he stayed any longer, he was sure of it.”Please give me strength.”

Taylor didn’t know who he was whispering to, but he hoped someone up there heard him.

A car drove past his house, illuminating his room again. The door was just ahead of him, he needed to leave.

“Right now.”Taylor said, standing up and stepping towards the door. He ignored the bag as he walked past, if he focuses on it right now he may stop and give up.”I need to leave.”

Each step he took to the door felt as if he was climbing a mountain, but the door grew closer until he finally touched it. His hand swept to the handle, his chest continued to ache. Taylor took a deep breath, pulling down on the handle and opening the door. The air rushed in, sweeping past his face in one gigantic burst. But then it was over, the world around him grew still and his chest stopped aching.

He could see the neighbours house opposite, the inside lit up. Mark walked past one of the windows, a tray of food in his hand. Taylor hadn’t talked to Mark in months, perhaps now would be a good time to talk.

Taylor took a step forward and left his house forever.



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