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Series Review: House of Cards

Review – House of Cards

So I have started watching House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. Ali had suggested it to me a while ago, and only in the past few weeks have I actually watched it. I am only 5 episodes into the first season, still a long way to go as there are a couple of seasons of it by now.

The show I about Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), he is a life-long politician within congress. He has served his Party faithfully for years and is expecting a promotion to the Secretary of State. However the promise that was made to him is not kept by the President-Elect, he stays as the Party “Whipp” in Congress.

However, he has a plan, a plan to get to the top.

Now again like normal, if you don’t want to get any spoilers then don’t read past this point. While I usually don’t have many spoilers in my reviews, there are mild ones.

I have heard about House of Cards over the last few years, seen adverts for it at Liverpool Street station, side of buses and other places. All in all, it looked big. Hyped up to the max by forums and websites.

I have to say I was worried about it going in, that all the hype I had heard would be its undoing for me. So far I have been proved wrong, I like it a lot. The 4 episodes I have watched have been packed with lots of juicy details, gossip and corruption. The episodes have so far showed an insight into congress and the running of the United States government, which I don’t think I have seen to this depth in another show.

Frank Underwood by the looks of things right now is a genius, someone that has worked very hard to get to where he is. He looks to have always had a plan, or some time of goal in mind. One that in the first episode has been shredded, which then shows his genius. He quickly realigns his goal from almost obtaining the position of Secretary of State to finding a new goal. He is smart, and after one night has a plan to bring down key officials in his own party.

Kevin Spacey’s acting so far has been brilliant, able to show a calm focused mind being at work. Showing the drive that Frank has, and his ruthlessness. he is willing to throw people under the bus to get what he wants. He is sharp and can think quickly on his feet. So far he has had no real stumbling blocks, I do wonder how the rest of this season will go. I have heard certain things about it that are interesting, but I haven’t dug too deeply into it.

I really like Frank breaking the 4th wall and actually speaking to you. During certain scenes and moments, he will look directly at the camera and explain things or his plan. His “Southern” accent is really noticeable during these moments, I think this is one of the main reasons why I like him as a character. While also being why I have been hooked.

I like Peter Russo (Corel Stoll), so far he appears to be a politician in the sense of what I had imagined previously. Someone who is crooked, and in the pocket of someone else. In this case, Frank Underwood has him, or his complete loyalty. I like Peter Russo (Corel Stoll), so far he appears to be a politician in the sense of what I had imagined previously.

The only downside I have right now is Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), Frank’s wife. So far her storyline I haven’t enjoyed as much, I am not as invested in her. She runs a charity I believe and has recently fired some people to make room for another company. This has also shown off her ruthlessness, and critical thinking. Apart from that, nothing much else has happened. she appears to be the foil to Frank, they seem to work nicely together and have played off one another well enough.

I will continue to watch it, whenever I have time. I am hooked on it and am thankful there are a few more seasons of it. I haven’t actually watched a full series in a few months, so should be fun and interesting finding out what Frank is up to.


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