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NVQ Work

Hello again,

I am going to talk about the NVQ I have been doing. I sometimes mention it in various posts, but I have never really dug too deep into what I am actually doing and how I am doing it.

I am doing the Level 2 NVQ in Business Administration, I started it just at the end of last year, and am 2 units out of 14 of the watch through. So not that far but it has only been two months and I feel like I am doing well.

I intend to get it finished by May or June, so gives me another 4 or 5 months to do the other lot of units. Which is doable. I hear most people take just under a year to do it, as a writer I intend to breeze through it.

Why? It’s because I am a writer, and there is a lot of writing in it which is right up my alley in terms of skill. I don’t get the feeling of dread when I open up my documents and see what I have yet to do laid out in front of me. I feel calm and ready to take on this challenge.

I want to continue on with other qualifications while I am at work, some that I have now learned about and want to pursue. Maths is something I wish to pursue, I tried to do GCSE Maths a few years ago, but while I did good in the classes I failed the test.  The silver lining of that period was that I passed my GCSE English which was great, and I am proud of myself for doing that. So next goal is the Maths, which I will hopefully complete.

My process right now with the NVQ is to spend the weekends doing a little bit of work here and there. Which is enough because I meet my assessor every two weeks or so to hand in work and get updates. For now, I like this arrangement, but in the next month, I intend to speed up my process and dedicate a lot of time to completing the units.

Right now doing the NVQ isn’t impacting on my writing at all, unlike Nano. I was doing NVQ work, Nano and other writing all at the same time. Which thinking about it now is probably why I may not do Nano in 2017, however that’s a whole other story and no need to get into that now.

I am learning lots of interesting things about the business environment, some things I didn’t take into account before while working. While others I sort of knew about but didn’t realise there was so much thought put into them, policies and procedures in the corporate world are really all-encompassing. I can sink my teeth into certain documents, finding myself amazed at the amount of thought has gone into something that I had thought was very simple before.

In any case, I am liking the NVQ I am doing. It is enlightening and showing me the world I didn’t know about, learning about functions I hadn’t the foggiest clue about before.

I hope everyone else that is taking a course is enjoying it, for now, bye.



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