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Writing again

Hi all.

So I made a mistake and got rid of this draft, somehow. Never again will I look around aimlessly at my posts, and then save drafts that I do not know about. I think it was posted at the end of January, I have comments for it, but it disappeared from my published lists. So i am re-posting it, from the end of this paragraph it will be the original post.



It is almost the end of January, one more day and then February starts. I have given myself a break since the end of November till now, so that I can recharge my batteries and get the creative juices flowing again.

On Saturday was my first proper day back writing since I finished Nano, I went to a Writing Group in Crawley. My girlfriend lead the group this week, her subject was Domestic Noir. With that as a subject it easy getting into the writing flow again, I wrote to short piece from prompt she gave everyone.

Yesterday I wrote 100 words for my Nano 2016 novel, I feel very elated at that fact. It confirms that I can go back to a piece of writing that I have left and continue it on, something that I couldn’t do for my Nano 2015 novel. Now what I need to do is continue this, for the next few weeks, upping my word count little by little. I have give placed in my my that I will complete this novel by the end of March, which would give me a whole two months.

Easy, because when I am into something I type very fast. Just like I have been doing with this blog post. 🙂

In any case I feel good about writing again, like using a muscle again. The words are flowing, but this time more carefully then with Nano.

For Nano 2016 I almost exclusively done all my writing via write or die website, hardly did 500 words the normal way. While this allowed me to finish Nano fairly easily I do not want to keep using this, because it will become a crutch and I do not want it to be. I want the words to flow freely from my brain, and not forced by time constriction that the app gives me.

Sure I work well under deadlines and time restraints, but those are softer versions. I like writing on trains, at lunch or just before bed. That is how I want to continue writing, from now onto the future.

It means for the next little while my writing may slow down, but if I force myself to not use the app then I will not rely on it as much as I did during Nano. The app is good, but just should not be used in the way I did so.

Which gives me an idea, I did try some new stuff with Nano 2016. Some were really good, while others turned out to be a drag. It is why I was thinking of not doing Nano 2017, which may change closer to this years Nano.

In any case I I learnt a lot from last years Nano which I will be taking forward into my writing, perhaps not fully with this story but definitely with my next – which ever that may be.

In addition to the above I think I will finish the two short stories I started during the writing group on Saturday, perhaps after March.

I think I have rambled on a little, I have enjoyed starting writing and I hope to continue. I hope everyone else is having a good time writing, I know I will. 🙂




8 thoughts on “Writing again

  1. I haven’t done Nano yet, but I already have 3 blogs I write on plus 2 novels getting edited currently. I could potentially participate in Nano…Ugh. I agree that Nano type of prompts become a crutch. Personally, I don’t like to participate only because I don’t have a problem writing or getting started or finishing. But, it’s the revision process that is the issue. Revising a novel is often harder then writing it. For now, I’m going to focus on the 2 I have. 🙂

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    1. Hi,
      Nano is fun and gruelling at the same time. If you can find time then I do suggest to try, you may like it a lot.
      I think after three years of doing Nano I have also come to realise I do not have issues with writing. For this reason I may not do nano this year, and focus on other aspects of writing.
      I did struggle with editing, but then I found Chris Fox and his YouTube channel, his method of editing has helped me out so much!

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      1. I agree with you it’s nice to have prompts to write and to experience it. Because I have 2 novels I have to look at after final revisions drom Pro editors I will “sit this year ” out if I need to work on the 2 long-form works I currently have on my plate. 😌

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      2. Hi,
        I have a full plate this year, I have had three novels that I want to complete by mid-year. Luckily they are all 2/3 of the way through, so should be an easy slog through the last portions.
        I may take a break once I finish then, I have a few children stories that my niece likes.
        Afterwards I want to start a new novel around August time, and query one of my finished and beta’d novels around the same time.


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