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School of Rock Musical – Review

Short post this time, just about seeing the School of Rock Musical.
My girlfriend and I went on the previous weekend into London to watch it, I bought it as a Christmas present for her. We haven’t been to the musical for a while and I thought this would be a good opportunity to go again and see something good. We had a bit of a trek across Covent Garden trying to find it, the road it was on we past but didn’t realise until we backtracked around 20 minutes later. It was hectic because we thought we may be late, but getting help from other musical goers we managed to find it.
Now I am sure everyone or a large portion of people have watched the Jack Black movie, which the musical is based on. Looking at the data, the School of Rock musical has only been in the West End since 14th November 2016. So a really short time in comparison to the Broadway release of 6th December 2015 and the 2003 movie.
The music within is really good, no real standout songs apart from the last. However the whole musical had a very steady pace to it, with one song nicely blending into the next as the scenes changed.

The character that played Dewey Finn felt very genuine, he was able to successfully channel the aura of Jack Black. Which made the film and this musical very enjoyable. However I have the greatest amount of admiration, respect and awe at the children. They were incredible, to be able to act, play their instruments live in front of so many people speaks to their skill. These kids will be going places, very far in the future they could be big names. I think a lot of people must doubt their ability, so much so that at the very start the announcer did state the kids do all play the instruments live, which was funny but also nice knowing.

I followed the two main characters on Twitter, I am thinking of watching the musical again. My work has discounted tickets on sale for it on the notice board. Which right now is a very tempting option, a quick shout to Ali now and she says she wants to go again. So that is a nice thing to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Our seats for the prices of the tickets were also very good, we were in the upper floor to the right of the stage. One thing of note is that I have a slight fear of heights, so walking along the seats on the front row before we got to ours was a bit nerve wracking. I was holding onto the railing as I moved carefully along, but I did know how high I was.

Besides that small experience the rest of the show was good, we laughed and gushed. Generally enjoying the whole experience, one thing I did note was that the “stage hands” would move the props off the stage once the scene was done. Usually in other musicals they are moved fluidly off by the performers, but not this time. I am not sure if I liked that aspect of it, because it drew you away from the performance to people that were not involved.

On a final note the formatting for these paragraphs is atrocious, spent the last half hour trying to get the formats right but cannot. I am usually good with Word, and am unsure as to why the spaces have appears between certain paragraphs and not others, even when I try to remove them,



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