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Plans for 2017

Hi all,

So this is a bit of a strange one, because I am posting on a Saturday. More posts, and pressure with everything else in my life added on. However this is something that I have been thinking about over the last few months, to add an extra day for posts to my schedule. The main reason why is because it gives me more of a chance to write and express my thoughts, to experiment and find out what works for me.

Currently I do not fully know yet what the theme of a Saturday post would be, my Monday ones are about writing and my Thursday posts are generally about things that are happening to me throughout my life. I have written a fair number of short stories now, so I could have the day geared fully around them.

However now I am meandering, so lets get on with today’s post.

I have had a dream over the last few years, to become a published writer.

I have consulted my to do list for the year and can break it down to these main points.

Ideally with a traditional Publisher, but I can also see the benefits of Self-Publishing. To get published I need to continue writing, improving my craft. There are many holes that I need to repair, I need to learn while writing.

Over the next year I have I want to finish my stories, right now I have three that are halfway through. Finishing these half stories will give me a tremendous confidence boost, one that I can take when I start querying my second novel.

Now that is the main thing, mid point this year after hopefully my story Ascendance comes back from my beta readers and I finish polishing it I will be ready. The path to becoming an author is long and hard, but I will be ready.

The other thing of note this year is perhaps Ali and I may go travelling, either this year or next. With that we more then likely will change the focus of our blogs, I have a few ideas in my ideas as of what to do. We will be travelling, and one of the best things to do is to write about it.

Such as my Vienna post, we could continue blogging as normal but also adding extra posts with where we have been, what we thought and where we would go next. It could be a nice change and addition to this blog.

My next big thing over the next few months is completing my NVQ at work. It will involve a lot of work, thankfully I have already done a lot of it and can now sort of slow down in it.

Last year I wrote a children’s short story, one that my niece read during summer and liked. It was only around 7000 words, but she liked it enough to demand more. I am not part way through the sequel, which looks to be going good. I have good plan for this story, my other nieces are old enough to read now so that gives me more people to have read it.

I doubt I will be doing NaNo for 2017, while I have completed the last three NaNo 2016 NaNo was a bit of a slog. With work piling up, and the craziness of NANo added on I feel like I don’t want to do it this year. However saying that it is only the start of the year, come NaNo 2017 I may have changed my mind and wish to sink my teeth back into it.

So those are my main plans for this year, the main things on my mind. I hope finish and complete a good few of them, my NVQ work and the unfinished novels mostly. My focus’s may change throughout the year but right now I feel like the next few months will be good and productive for me.

Anyway before I completely start rambling I will end this post here, I hope everyone else has a nice year! ๐Ÿ™‚


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