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I am back and Christmas

Hi all, today is exactly 38 calendar days since I last posted, the time has flown by and lots of stuff has happened. Christmas rolled around, which was manic, new years and then back to work. The whole month has just been a hectic, but good. I hope to get back into the rhythm again, starting with today. Below is just my general thoughts on Christmas, hope you all find it interesting. 🙂

This year I spent my third Christmas with Ali’s and her family, it is fun few days filled with lots of food and games. I enjoy it a lot,because it is time off work to relax, I can eat a lot and I can spend time talking to people about the most random things.

However there is another important reason why I like Christmas, its because I can finally experience it as someone from a western family would. A little more about myself then, I am British born but from Bengali descent. My parents immigrated to the UK in the 60s, I was born in the late 80s.

With that in mind Christmas is never really something I have experienced from a western standpoint, we never celebrated it at home or did anything special. To us it was just a week off from school/college/work. My family did our own thing while I was growing up, my mom would work, I would just watch TV or play games throughout the whole period.

This meant I have watched a lot of holiday tv shows and movies, I love the whole Thought of Christmas. To me it is about bringing family together, some you don’t see a lot throughout the year and just enjoying their presence. Sure the presents are good, each year I have spent with Ali’s family my pile of presents have grown.

The bonds and connections between people are strengthened during this time, more then what presents can do. Just being in the presence of others you know and love can a very pleasant experience.

I now get to experience Christmas “properly” without looking into the tv to see glimpses, I am now apart of it.
In my culture and religion we do have large celebrations, Eids. However that is still very different and not the same. The festive period of Christmas has a different feel to anything that I have experiences before, the mad rush in the few weeks before it, to the eve of Christmas and then the day. It such a strange experience, but something the vast majority of the country goes through, yearly.

I look forward to the many new things I will experience now, now that I feel like I have finally grasped what Christmas is or the concept of it beyond the commercialisation. There are many Cultural Points for us to look over in the future, which I am looking forward to.

In closing I had a great Christmas, had lots of food and walked around a bit. The rest of the holiday break was a nice slow relaxful period. I hope everyone else enjoyed their Christmas and are enjoying the new year.


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