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End of year progress

It is now December, the end of a very long year.

I started this year on a positive note, last year was a slow progression of my writing and I thought in January this year I would continue that. I had the belief that as my second full year of writing my word count would go up, I even wrote down a wish/to do list in January. One of the goals was to write 200,000 words by 31st December.

It is a guesstimate but I believe I have written around 95,000 words.

Suffice to say this year hasn’t been the best for writing, sure a word count isn’t everything and I should really worry about not achieving it.I have still wrote the length of a mid sized fantasy novel. I completed one short children story which my niece loved. I started and finished Nano, I am currently two thirds of the way through the story which I will over the next month or two will complete.

However the first four or five months of the year were a dry spy, I didn’t write that much. As stated above I had the idea of writing 200,000 words which hasn’t been accomplished.

Below is a list of what I have written this year:

1. Children’s short story which my niece loves.

2. Written half of the sequel to the above short story, which I really need to finish.

3. Wrote around 30,000 of a epic fantasy novel, stopped writing it as Nano started and will continue it hopefully once I fully finish my Nano story.

4. Started my Nano story, wrote 50,000 and will hopefully finish it over the next few months.

5. Edited my story from last year, in the process of sending it to a few Beta Readers soon.

6. I started this blog at the start of the year and didn’t do much with it until September, as you can see now I do post up regularly. Twice a week on Monday’s and Thursday’s are my days of posting, I may add a third day soon but that will likely be in the new year.

Next year I also want to learn how to draw, I have been toying with the idea of taking a beginners drawing class. Mostly to sate the random urge I have of drawing, but that is something I need to look into in the new year. I need to also make sure it doesn’t impact on my writing, so perhaps I need to make a timetable of what I want to do on what days.

So over all I have had a good and not so good year, I wanted to write multiple short stories, finish two fantasy novels this of around 90,000 words, which I have currently two incomplete first drafts, that will take up until mid next year to finish.

I feel like I have talked about discipline a lot, to this craft of writing. Yet for the first part of this year I didn’t keep to my words, I didn’t write. I was lazy, high off the success of my first full year of writing. I know I said the same thing last year, but next year will be different. I want to push myself, so what I can do with my writing. I have already tried something new with this years NaNo, hope fully I will be able to take the lessons I learned from it into the new year and expand my skill.

Next year I intend to hit the 200,000 words, and this time i will keep to that goal. It would mean I would need to write most days, something that I can do as I have time in the evening. However it i something I know I can do, just need to not put to much pressure on myself and everything will be fine.

Anyway hopefully other people are having a good year, and you are progressing in your writing.





6 thoughts on “End of year progress

  1. Hmm not as much as i want to be!!.. maybe i will set a word count aim for next year as well. If you want to write 200,000 in a year that is 4167 words a week.. is do-able? If you wrote mon-fri that is about 850 a day!


  2. I do wonder at people counting words. I can honestly tell you that I haven’t a clue how many I’ve written this year. What does matter is that my story has matured and developed in ways that in January were impossible to imagine.

    What’s more important is that your words are fresh and meaningful. Shelley’s ‘Ode To a Skylark’ has three verses and took fifteen minutes to scribble down. Its brevity and the speed of its inscribing mean nothing when compared with the quality it exudes at every reading.

    It is poems like this that paper the walls of heaven. Forget the numbers, and write as though you are writing for eternity. Slim or fat, your book will reverberate through time.

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    1. Hi
      I understand what you mean, sometimes we have to forget about worries such as word counts and just let the words flow. I give myself goals to keep myself writing, when I have a goal then I strive to achieve more. However a balance does need to be taken into consideration, we shouldn’t be a slave to the count.
      Thank for you advice.

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      1. Thanks first for accepting my comment with the intent it held.

        I can understand your needing to keep yourself writing, only are you writing a railway timetable or a story?

        I’ve got several railway timetables for my book which are not that interesting. There are several other books which are interesting only because of their subject matter. There are however, people who can tell boring stories so beautifully that they are a delight to read.

        I will add that for me, inspiration comes from those who challenge the things I say or write. Their very different viewpoint throws shadows that I could not otherwise see – and that give me the impetus to write in a way that telling myself I have another thousand words to grind through simply wouldn’t.

        Oh, dear. I’ve just checked … I wrote 4,000 words today. I’ll get my coat.


  3. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email.
    I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing.
    Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.


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