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Being ill 

From last Wednesday to now I have been ill, right now it is the last stages and it should hopefully pass through me completely in the next couple of days.

Suffice to say I have never felt this ill before in my life, maybe it is a product of time that I feel this was much worse then previous occasions. That I can’t remember the full extent of them but can with this one due to it being now in the present.

I felt very weak, not being able to move very quickly or for long.

I felt dizzy, even a slight turn of my head resulted in the room spinning around.

I was extremely cold the first two nights, the first night I filled a hot water bag and crept under the covers and stayed there for a couple of hours – hugging the hot water like life depended on it.

My girlfriend was a star, she came after work on Thursday and stayed around. I was feeling the full affects of the illness at this point, it felt so amazing seeing her even though I had only seen her a few days previously. It lifted my mood up tremendously, the next day I felt good enough to traverse to her house and relax there for the rest of the weekend. Original I was meant to go to her house on Wednesday, I finished NaNo in the morning. I was feeling slightly weak but nothing to much at that point, got changed and left the house.

It was at this point on the 10 minute walk to the pharmacy to grab some medicine that I near enough collapsed, literally at the start of the walk I was feeling mostly fine and by the time I got to the pharmacy 10 minutes later I was breathing hard and feeling super hot. I went home, fired off a few texts to my girlfriend and sat in the living room with all my clothes and coats still on. I sat there for 45 minutes before moving to the kitchen, where I leaned against the radiated for an hour feeling the warmth. I only focused on the warmth and nothing else, it consumed me. Just that one single through to stay warm, I don’t think I have ever felt the same way before.

In any case the next few days was a combination of me sleeping in bed throughout the day and then spending half the night up because I couldn’t sleep. I felt hot and then cold, which wasn’t good for trying to get to sleep. There were a few things during this period I could have done better, drank more water and tried to not head out on Wednesday.

Suffice to say this was the worse experience, even now a week afterwards I marvel that I managed to get through it as I did and now I am almost over it. It feels good, being able to walk down the street and not feel super cold. I live around London and work in the center of the city, I am doing things now that seemed inconceivable a few days ago. Sure I still get very hot easily from walking a little down the road, but it goes quickly and I know in the next few days it will be fully gone.

I have come back to work, although my ear isn’t allowing in sound vibrations due to the muscles being inflamed. This has been an issue since Tuesday last week, hopefully with the medicine I have been taking my ear passage will become less blocked and I will be able to hear fully out of it again.

Over all the past few days have been hectic, slightly worrying and not enjoyable at all. There have been bright spots such as spending time with my girlfriend, she has helped me out a lot during this time. There have also been bad points such as when my heart started being wildly on Thursday night for no reason as all. These symptoms have cleared up, I know in the future I will take more care of my body to stop this from happening again.

Anyway just a little ramble about my situation, hopefully other people have had a good few days! 🙂


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