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Writing Burnout

Burnout is a big issue for writers, if we are not careful with our process then we may not be able to continue writing and thus fall into a rut.

Now that Nano has ended a lot of writers will be collapsing or already comatose after a whole month of writing fervently. We shouldn’t fall into this, we need to continue writing. now I don’t mean to the same extent as what we did in November, but after a few days of relaxing we need to continue Writing.

Some of us haven’t finished our novels, even though they are at 50,000 or less words. we should continue these and finish this. We should always be Writing to some extent, always persevering with our craft. December is known as the Editing month for NaNo, which is a good way to keep in the thought process of Writing.

December will be a slow month, one to relax but also must not become complacent.

In ending I found Nano to be a very exhaustive month as stated in my previous post, as soon as I hit 50,000 I didn’t want to touch anything related to Writing at all. However now after a few days off, and being the most sick I have ever been in my life I feel like I am ready tackle Writing again. I will continue with my NaNo story, but at a more sedate pace of perhaps 500-833 per day. hoping to hit the upper limit or ever more on certain days. On certain days I want to go and reach the 1667 words required per day for NaNo.

Hopefully everyone else’s NaNo experiences were good, I have heard of a few stories. Some good and bad, but it seems a few of us have had some similar experiences of failure and success.

Anyway have a nice night, and get Writing.


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