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End of NaNo

Today is 01 December 2016, meaning for certain people world wide NaNoWriMo has ended yesterday. We have been busy, typing fervently away for the past month, and now that it has ended we can go back to doing other things that we ha put on the back burner for the past month.

For myself this years NaNo has been gruelling experience, I finished on 30 November with a few hours to spare. However in previous years I have been able to finish on the 19 and 22 respectively, this year I was not able to put in the same level or speed of work that I did in previous years.

I don’t feel like it was due to work, I have been in the same job since June 2015. I think that mostly the reason why I wasn’t able to get ahead like previous years was due to distractions and and not spending more time writing. In previous years I would write on all formats, google docs, Word and Scrivener. This would mean that on train journeys I could quickly jot down a few hundred words and that at lunch time I would do another few hundred.

This year I moved fully over to Scrivener, did all of my writing on it. I also didn’t want to use Google docs because I was lazy. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of transferring things from one format to another. I could have obviously brought out my laptop from my bag and started writing on that then, however thats to much of a task for a sleep deprived brain. Opening up Google Docs on my phone is a much easier task, one that I will keep note of in the future.

Going forward, this years NaNo has been a learning experience for me. I have tried a different tactic from previous years. Plotting wise I usually jot down the skeleton of the story and then start writing from there. This year I plotted the story out as extensively as I could, so that at no moment was i struggling on how to proceed with the story. It was refreshing because when I wrote I didn’t get any writers block, which was a very happy result.

Now then I didn’t actually do any of my writing on Scrivener, I was using this website called WriteorDie entirely. Without it I doubt I would have been able to do NaNo this year, it has saved me this year. While I can normally write on Scrivener, I wouldn’t have been able to write entirely through it this year.

For some reason my writing speed has gone down, and I also get distracted or just stop and look on my phone for a bit. WriteorDie stopped that from happening, sure I could have still stopped and looked on my phone but the website has this fun thing called consequence mode. Which starts blaring out noise and makes the screen go red, very useful way to not go and be distracted.

Overall this year NaNo has been fun, gruelling and a learning experience. I havn’t actually completed my story yet, I will be doing it over the next month or two at a slower pace. Then will come the editing phase, it will be fun going by how many mistakes I have spotted already.


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