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Writing Prompt 03

Over the weekend we went to another writing group, it is our second attending this one based in Crawley. So far we like it, good discussions involved by all and is making think of joining other writing groups around London.

In any case we had another scenario provided to us, five actually. The below prompt is what I chose to do, its not really completed as I never finished it before the time was up but I have polished up the spelling mistakes in it and I hope it conveys the meaning of the prompt.

You can find the link to the previous Writing Prompt here.


Taking a walk in the countryside and coming across a serious assault in progress, you have to intervene in order to resolve that conflict.


The morning mist had cleared, allowing the sun to shine brightly down on the country road. It wasn’t much of a road, the cobble stone had broken in place, forcing him to trod through the mud to his destination.
Markus rubbed the sweet on his cheeks and brow, a by product from the mist earlier. It was the worst kind of moisture for him, he didn’t mind rain. The pathway lead through the hills, he had been walking for the better part of the morning, waking up with the chickens chickens in an old barn and quickly making his leave before the occupier noticed his transgression.
He crested the hill, raising his hand above his brow to block out the sun. He walked a few more feet, stopping beside an old oak tree and allowing his eyes to adjust to the site before him.
The countryside rolled out before him, a few hills dotted along the horizon. Meandering along it was a small river, dotted with more trees. From this distance he couldn’t recognise what kind they were, but they were large. Brilliant shades of green, broken up periodically by the brown of the trunks or branches.
A beautiful sight. Markus thought, taking his water-skin out of his pouch and drinking the contents. His home had been the city of Renvast, large and filled with stone buildings. There had been very little greenery, the kings and queen not favouring them anymore and valuing industry much more.
His gaze turned to the thickets, flickering of light drawing his attention to that particular section of the small forest that traveled with the river. Markus place a hand against the bark of the oak tree, feeling the contours if the wood underneath his fingers.
“There.”he whispered, spotting a man appear from behind a tree before disappearing into the next.”He is being chased.”
Markus found more glittering light in the forest, realising a moment later they were sword held by men. They appeared to be chasing the first man, running through the thick forest with purpose.
He turned around the the countryside behind him, he had come a long way and couldn’t turn back now. Turning back to the forest below him he saw the first man appear out of the forest, running into the thick grass of the surrounding hill. The man was just a blur to him at this stage, being so far away from him.
A moment later a group of men appeared out of the forest, dashing into the grass. They had emblems and standards on their chest plates and arm guards. They could have been from the local militia, they likely had the law on their side. It was his best interest to not get involved, however another thought popped into his mind.
If they weren’t militia and were a band of cutthroats then that person was as good as dead, he knew them to operate out of this area or it could be they were the militia and this man they were chasing was the remnant of a local band.
So many decisions, which one is right? Markus thought, his time of action was running out. Soon they would be to far away for him to arrive in time, there was no shadows in place to use his magic and he would have to make it there the old fashions way. He unsheathed his sword, an old but trusted friends and sprinted down the hill.

Only time will tell if I am right or wrong about this group. Markus thought.



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