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Cultural Points

On the weekend my girlfriend met my mom, I had already met her parents inside the first six months of our relationship. The only difference with this meeting was that it was over two and a half years since we have been going out.

My family is of Asian heritage, her own family are British. There are cultural difference between the two, it has been a exciting time learning about each other’s cultures.

Ali and I have have differences, but we also share many of the same thoughts and feelings. We enjoy finding more about each other all the time. From our taste of music to the sort of thing we like doing on a Sunday morning.

Sometime it may vary hugely, I like dunking eggy bread in my tea which she can’t really see the appeal of.

Before I met Ali I had always wondered what an inside view of a western family is, my only perspective of it was from watching media. The various movies and tv shows gave me an insight, however like all things you should never trust media fully and try to experience what you see for yourself. To get a full rounded view of the subject, and be able to base a proper opinion on the subject.

Now as stated before my family is of Asian descent, however I raised born and raised in England, UK. If you met me on the street you wouldn’t be able to tell me apart from another English accent, second generation like myself are more integrated into the culture we live in. However not fully as of yet, there are still things that we keep hold of from our mother culture. Which is good, i am not arguing for getting rid of all.

So when I met Ali and her family it offered me a insight into a British family, different and the same from what is shown on the media. There was the normal things such as the Christmas tree, dinner set out and general talk about British life in general. Which I had a rough idea from the media I had watched up to this point, however there were a few things that were more of a surprise to me such as certain topics of discussion, how they ate food (cheese appears to be a favourite food),

These things were new, they were interesting and exciting. Offering me a insight into a family that I never had before, they are wonderful people that care deeply for each other.

Now on the weekend Ali met my mother, before this point she had met my brother and his wife. Now they are raised the same as me, fairly western thinking in most area so it was not much of a transition in comparison to my mother. Ali says she enjoyed meeting her, after all it had been two and a half years since we have been dating. It was a little overdue but my mother is fairly conservative, my sister-in-law met my mother around 3-4 years into their relationship so you can tell the time being put into this.

Over all culture differences will appear a lot for me, I am second generation and I will miss certain things other people take for granted. However I enjoy being British, living in England and working in a brilliant job in the centre of London.


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