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NaNo: Being behind, catching up and feeling proud.

This post is about NaNo, I have wrote a few already but I thought I might as well do a just over mid-month update. I am currently 33434 words into NaNo, meaning I am 101 words ahead so far. I feel pretty good, I know I can complete NaNo by the 30th.

However saying all that I do feel like this NaNo has been a little bit of a slog, a 20km hike, a a battle with Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 and all his stages. In closing it has been one hell of a ride, one that has left me drained on some really long days.

This time last year and the year before I had completed NaNo, by day 21 I would be celebrating and thinking about different WIP. This NaNo I am only barely ahead, on Friday however I was around 4200 words behind. You know why, real life caught up, I was being lazy and most important of all my work is different.

The previous two years I had a job where I could write more frequently, I wouldn’t be so tired after doing a piece of work and I was fresh to the world of writing. I feel like I had much more enthusiasm for the craft, I mean I still have tones right now but it is more subdued, more diluted. That’s a good thing I feel in certain occasions, I now know more about my technique and how I write then I did a few years ago. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are.

This year I took precautions, I have taken every Friday afternoon off exclusively for the purpose of writing. This last week knowing I was falling behind I did not panic, I did not give up and admit defeat. I kept a level head and continued with what I could, even if that meant I was falling more behind, because by Friday I knew I would catch up.

Which I did, in the space of 4 and a bit hours I wrote 4400 or so words. More writing then I have ever done previously in a day, I am feeling very happy about it. Sure some of my dialogue isn’t great, or the descriptions are not up to par with my normal writing. However NaNo is not about that, NaNo is about just writing and doing as much as you can. I have the rest of time to Edit and polish up my first draft, so far I am really liking how the story is coming out.

It may be rough around the edges, and if I do anymore days like the weekend the story could turn to sludge but I can keep myself on track.

Perhaps I won’t complete it as quick as my last NaNo wins but I know I will still complete it and that is all that matters.

This post is a little bit of a mess but just wanted to share my general thoughts for day 21, I haven’t even started today’s word count but will hopefully finish it soon.

Anyway, happy NaNo to all!


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