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The amazing world of Final Fantasy 

Recently I have started playing Final Fantasy 7 again, on the laptop. I have been feel nostalgic over the past few months and a few weeks ago I finally started playing again.

This all came about due to Square making most of the Final Fantasy titles available on steam. Something I am very glad about, I somehow lost my hard copies of 7-9 on PlayStation and never got round to buying them again.

Slowly as Square started releasing the games on steam I started buying them one by one, I expected to play them on my desktop. However even with my love of Final Fantasy I couldn’t get very far into Final Fantasy 7, always stopping after one session and not coming back for a few weeks.

However that all changed when I bought a laptop earlier in the year, it is a old Lenovo laptop that I currently almost all my writing in. It took me a few months to realise the full potential of it.

I could play final fantasy on it, I didn’t think it could play any game on it, being so old, slow and a frustrating experience sometimes and only good for writing.

However I loaded up Steam one day to play a text based game and then found Final Fantasy on my library. I downloaded, not expecting the game to actually work. My hopes rose when the music for Final Fantasy 7 started, I clicked on the start button and saw the opening scene.

I was overjoyed, I still played the next 20 minutes feeling like the laptop could shut down at any time, but at the end of my journey I saved and closed down the game, it hasn’t broken the laptop.

I was happy but still a realist, I new I may not come back to it for a while, perhaps I am just not a gamer anymore.

The next day on the train I played it again, then on the train back home and then the next day. For the last few weeks now I have been playing Final Fantasy 7, and enjoying it so much more. Perhaps it was because I was 10-11 when I first played it, that I didn’t appreciate it as much before. Now I am taking my time, enjoying the story line of Final Fantasy 7, the characters and their plight. I am now just by the Gold Saucer in the second continent and have just met Cait Sith, I remember this guy vividly. I liked his characters, his model on the screen and his actually first words to the team.

Overall it feels like having my laptop has allowed me to enjoy Final Fantasy again, I am not playing it on my powerful desktop but on my very old laptop. I take it everywhere with me, it has opened up a whole new world of enjoyment. I used to play on my phone, or read through it, but it was always just something to pass the time. Now I am actually enjoying my train journeys, I have a bit more of a routine, I will write most days now while every other day I would play Final Fantasy 7.

However I am happy to be playing Final Fantasy again, to relive the lives of the character and recapture some of that magic.

I urge anyone else that is a Final Fantasy fan to buy number 7, my favorite followed by 9 and 10 – which are all on Steam currently.

Anyway, thanks for reading my random post on Final Fantasy. 🙂


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