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Writing Prompt 02

So  a few weekends ago my girlfriend and I went to a writing group. I will post up about that later but overall it was fun. We done two writing prompts, both were fun and thought provoking. The second prompt is what I want to share with you, I liked the prompt and decided to make it a continuation of the first writing prompt I have done here. I tried to follow it as much as I could do, but I feel I went off in my own area after a bit. So without further adieu please enjoy my writing prompt below.


Writing Prompt 02

This is how I got lost in the wild.


Catsuep bounded ahead of him, frolicking in the grass. Eric gazed at his cat, or his possessed cat. She acted different now that her true colour had been shown, that of an angel in a cats body.
“Are you still thinking about me, please don’t or you will continue to feel confused. I am an angel and that is all you need to know.”Catsuep said, shaking Eric out of his thoughts.
“You can read minds now?”Eric said, staring in to her eyes.
“No, but I have studied humans for a long time, even before meeting you. I know what you think before you even think it, mind readers are not real after all.”Catsuep said, bounding away from her previous spot and into a bush.
Eric gazed down at his knees, where Drinkold had attempted to bite. He could still feel a phantom pain there, it reminded him that he had actually almost been killed by a demon. Sometimes he thought he was imagining it, but then Catsuep would come back and remind again.
The smell of the forest calmed him, walking in the park had now been one of his daily routines. He had never liked the outside before, but the different shades of green in the trees and the brown mud felt different from before.
More vibrant. Eric thought, putting his hand in his coat pocket and feeling the feather inside. It felt warm in his hand, like the past few times the warmth travelled up his hand before enveloping his body. He closed his eyes, savouring the feeling, calming him.
Thud dum. Thud dum.
Eric opened his eyes, gazing into the forest around him. The colours had changed, he wasnt sure how but it had.
The green of the leaves seemed a lot more darker, but more in depth.
More outstanding. Eric thought.
Thud dum. Thud dum.
The trail opened up, from the forest into a open clearing. Up above him was the moon, appearing out from behind a group of dark clouds.
“Looky here, aren’t you in the wrong area little lad.”said a voice.
“What?”Eric whispered, the voice had echoed all around him.
“A little slow are you not, you wondered around in my territory.”said the voice.”Are you prepared to face the punishment, to face destiny that Akrol will provide?”
“Where am I, this should be the park.”Eric said, stepping away from the clearing. Turning around he felt the world blur until he saw a dog sitting before him.”Are you Akrol?”
“Yes, very good powers of deduction.”Akrol said.”You have entered my land, my lot. All those that do must pay the price, are you ready?”
“I was just lost, nothing else.”Eric said, glancing around. He couldn’t see Catsuep anywhere, wasn’t she meant to save him from these beings.”Your a demon right, follower of the Devil?”
“Demon, hmmm it has been a long time see I have heard that name lost traveller.”said Akrol, cocking his head to the side.”However perhaps it is best to say I am a gardener, I weed out all that do not belong here.”
Eric stepped backwards, keeping Akrol in his line of sight. The world blurred again with each step he took, the colours growing more intense.
“It seems like someone is calling you, to bad they cannot do anything.”Akrol said, stepping forward.”Not going to save you, here they have no power.”
Akrol stepped forward again, then leaped at Eric.
“Get away.”Eric said, throwing up his arms in front of him.
“Argh.”Akrol shouted, landing back on the ground.”You have no power here.”
Eric felt his pocket heating up, putting his hand inside he brought out the feather. It was glowing brightly, silver light shining outward and illuminating the area around him. He could stll see clearly however Akrol appeared to be blinded, looking around he saw the pathway he had walked down.
Eric, can you hear me?
Eric blinked, hearing Catsueps voice in his head. He stepped around Akrol, who shied away from the light.
“I am going now, you stay here like a good dog.”Eric said, smiling.
“She should have no power here, how?”Akrol shouted.
Once Eric was fully around Akrol he started running, the forest started blurring into different shades of green and brown. He continued to hear Akrol shouting in the distance, the father quickly losing its potency before fading and with it the vibrant colours of the forest.
“Eric, where did you go?”Catsuep said, appearing before him.”I take my eyes of you for a moment and you are gone.”
Eric sighed, stopping before his cat. The angel looked no different then before, looking around it appeared he was back in the real world and not whatever that area had been with Akrol.
“Nowhere, I think I just got lost but found my way back again thanks to you.”Eric said, smiling down at the cat.
“Well good I guess, lets head home. I want to relax beneath the heater, you will feed me of course.”Catsuep said trotting off.


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