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NaNo Day 3

Nano has started, many of us now are scribbling away our stories. I am no different, as of the end of the second day I was just over 5300 words written, a day and a bit ahead of the stated word count of 3300ish.

This post is more about the differ between my first and second day, on the first day I wrote around 3400 words and on the second day I wrote around 1800. Two good word counts which exceeded the suggested word count of 1667 per day, I am very happy.

So the reason why day 1 count was near double that of day 2 was because I took the day off work. I wanted to hit 5000 on day 1, blitz through the opening chapters but even on a day off real life got the better of me, how I am happy with the result.

Day 2 was hard, a different beast altogether. As stated in previous posts I have complete nano twice before, however those times I took no days off and completed still. Day 2 was hard, exhausting and I. Some occasions painful. However I had the discipline to keep at it but I felt I didn’t need as much as day 1.

With day 2 I had my work to keep my mind focused, I new I had a limited amount of times to get the word done, so when I sat down the writing came easily. Very easily. Day 1 was hard because I had so much time, I had to go to a career 1pm before I got more then a hundred words done, it was extremely hard to get any words done at home, but I could do it at the cafe and then travelling to my girlfriends house.

It’s very strange feeling but one that I am used to, when forced under a time limit my mind focuses and I can write so much more then when I have a day off. I have known this fact since I first started properly writing.

It is day 3 now, 6.30 pm and I have done just under 700 words today. I am writing this post because I feel like I want to write it even though it is cutting into my time for writing my novel. However I now that once I go home, I will focus and I will write the remainder of the words in the time limit of tonight.

My mind is just set up that way, it’s a interesting conundrum, do I take off days to try to write or do I still try to fit it around my life, it’s hard to write on my days off but I can get more writing down, but on my normal days the writing comes easier.

I have booked a few half days throughout Nanowrimo, I will experiment to see if there is a balance between the two. I am hopeful that I will be able to find a happy medium between the two opposites. As stated in previous post I expect to be using this NaNo as a experience in my writing process. I want to keep writing at this pace, or slightly less. This motivation I must keep a hold of, it is fun writing and I must remember that.

In any case good luck to you all during nano.


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