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NaNo prep

So it is October 31st 2016, the eve NaNoWriMo. NaNo will begin tomorrow, in some ways I am very prepared for it and in other ways I am not.

The will be my third NaNo, hopefully I will have a hat trick of wins. The very first year (2 years go) I did NaNo I was very apprehensive about it. I had only properly started to write at the start of October, before that point I had only written a few hundred words and completed a few chapters of a story. I went into NaNo not knowing if I could even write, let alone finish it . Sure I had built by the tart of NaNo 1667 words a day, and had consistently achieved it for a week before NaNo, however I was still very worried.

I needn’t have worried, I smashed my first NaNo by finishing the 50k in about 22 days. From encouragement from my girlfriend to dedication on becoming good at writing I was able to finish it.

In those first ten thousand words of writing I learnt more then in my last 4 years of half attempts and false starts. NaNo had proven to be a godsend, it forced me to write and write I did.

I come into NaNo this year still apprehensive, but for different reasons. The last 2 years I have one it I planned a little, and for all my stories I plot a little. I have most of the skeleton of the story done, and from there I am able to write the story freely. However one of my last WIP I have done the same but my plot and story has derailed a lot, and for the worse. I still plan to finish it immediately after Nano, however I know that WIP will need a lot of work to get into a good shape – perhaps even a total rewrite. But I am fine with that, because it is a learning experience.

I haven’t done as much writing beforehand as previous years, for the last few days I have hardy written more then a few words, life has been busy. But I am prepared for NaNo, I have booked the first day off from work and intend to have a half day every Friday, that will either keep on my toes ahead of the curve or allow me to catch up if a indeed fall behind. But I have full confidence in myself to succeed in this task, I have done it before. I know I have the disciple, the confidence and stubbornness to complete this NaNo, I will not fail.

As a learning experience I have decided this NaNo I am going go full tilt onto the plotting side, instead of just having the bare bones I have now. I have plotted out this new story with as much detail as I can, from plot arcs to the individual chapters. I See NaNo as a learning experience and I will see if I can write while sticking to a strict outline.

Hopefully by the end of this Nano after all the meet ups, frantic nights and relaxed weekends I will have learned something new about how I write. Something I can use post NaNo, perhaps I will discover that I am a panster or enjoy writing only at late night. I don’t know, but it will be enjoyable.


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