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Not sure what happened to the original post, Twitter says I have posted it but cannot find it here on WordPress. 

So then, I recently (a while back now with this repost) re-watched this movie,and it brought back a lot of memories of when I was young. I had originally watched it over 10 years ago when I was in college, back then I was only starting to get into anime. Plus I don’t feel like I read to deeply into the movie that time, so this second due to time and just general forgetfulness I went in with a clean slate.

The film is about a boy called Tetsuo, who after being involved in an accident is thrust into the center of a metaphysical apocalypse. He gains powers beyond his mental and physical control and is slowly seduced by it. The movies secondary protagonist Kanada fights to save his friend from this, always getting back up after being knocked down. Even when it is his best friend doing, it is a very touching story.

The movie is wonderful, visually stunning for a film that came out in 1988. The music score was also flawless, setting the mood in each and every scene. The movie with both of these combines really grabbed you, and made you fully immerse into the movie. From when Tetsuo has the mental break down the first time he leaves the military base to when the bikers are chasing the other gang. The lights and sounds are truly exquisite.  

This movie has always been touted as what ones first introduction to anime should be. Ones right of passage to other anime, I wholly agree with this sentiment. It is a brilliant movie that stands up to the test of time, one that you should see. And even on another viewing years down the line you will still find yourself finding out new things about the movie, such as the line right at the end “I am Tetsuo” gives me a whole new insight into the character that is Tetsuo, which I didn’t have when I was younger.
I think in the end this movie has left an impression on me, one that I have not forgotten over all these years. Only my second viewing of this and I know I will be watching it again in the very near future. The animation is well done, the dialog is good and the fight scenes are appropriately epic. While it does have its fault, one I felt was that it goes into the strange very quickly. I felt it could have explored this futuristic world more, but that was left to the wayside in place of Tetsuo’s descent. 
I urge you guys to watch this and give it a try, it will not disappoint! 


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