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Being in a rut and trying to get out of it.

I am in a rut, a very big one.

It is my own fault really, I have been distracted to much. With my work, general laziness and other things. It is something I fall into once in a while, my writing slows down and I stagnate.

Nano is coming soon, in exactly 16 days it will start.

This last week I have hardly wrote anything, apart from my Writing Prompt and a few other WordPress post ideas throughout the week I have done nothing.

I know I am in a rut, but like a doctor in their profession I therefore know the symptoms and therefore I can get myself out of it. I have been in this position before, many times and it has a simple solution. One that I have used many times in the past to get myself out of it and back to writing.

The key to writing again is:

Consistency. Discipline. Stubbornness.

I need to push myself to write, even if it is a small amount. Anything I write now needs to be seen as a achievement, I know that it will be hard but I need to keep at it day in day out. I need to put into practice what I did before my first NaNo, starting small is key and then working my way up to my previous goal. I need to get rid of those distractions and insecurities that may be plaguing me about my writing, think past them and to the goal beyond. Which is to Write. I want to be a writer, to put my fantasies into words. I cannot allow myself to be stopped by simple procrastination, I will work past it.

My goal for the next 3 days is the write 250, that is it. I won’t have the lofty goal of 1667 for the next 3 days, that should let off a lot of internal pressure building up. A release valve of sorts, it should allow me to relax, but not to much.

250 is still a lot of words, it can be done in a few minutes. I know I can do that amount in one break at work, that thought is what should allow me to do it. Instead of the 1667 in one day I will break it down, until I get do those little chunks and then raise the bar again.

I will get the 250 words done, starting today. It is a matter of course, I am a writer. I may not be published yet but to get to that point I need to do the words now, without fail.

I need to grease the gears in my mind,  in the next little while I need to stimulate it. Allow it to breath and come back to life, so that the creative juices can run freely again.

I know of a good app to help me, called Write or Die. I have used it for NaNo, and it works for me. This is one step on the road to getting into write. However there are other factors in play. I have been lazy overall, I used to write regularly while on the train or at lunch, I need to get back into the mindset of writing while travelling.

Most importantly of all, I just need to write!


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