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Trying to make your work a better place

Having to work for a living is something that almost all of us have to do, it is a fact of life. We have to work to pay off bills that we accumulate throughout the month, to enjoy the fruits of our labour by having a nice day out.
In almost all cases we work to make money to then use on ourselves.
It is a means to an end.
However not all of us enjoy our work. Be it the work itself, the workplace or the colleagues. WE feel stuck, and our lives lose a little bit of that colour. That vibrancy it might of once had is no longer there, you feel downtrodden or sad or nervous every time you walk through the front door.  Like a large weight is on your shoulders, slowly crushing you, perhaps with no end in sight. The days go slowly, you look at the clock expecting an hour to go past but only find a few minutes. You get discouraged, and slip further into that whole. Its not a nice feeling, when it is the end of the day you leave feeling happier. This is just a general overview of how I know some people feel, from my experience with friends or family.
I am lucky to work somewhere that I extremely enjoy, helping people everyday without fail. It has become more then just a means to an end, I look forward to my days, in comparison my previous job I had days where I was downtrodden and nervous about the day ahead. Due to either the workload or just the people.
I understand some people will not be able to move jobs due to their current circumstances, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find a way to improve the situation at their current place of work.
If your issue is with your colleagues then find the underlying problem as to why, try to resolve it. It may lead to a much nicer atmosphere. Do you have some past inconvenience with a person, or is there something they do that annoys you? Perhaps it is best to bury the hatchet and move on.
Is it the workplace, liven up your desks by bringing items. Maybe place a plant by your desk, or add pictures and other decorations to lighten up the area.
We live on borrowed time, each day or moment you spend on a negative emotion is a moment not well spent. Try to improve it, and it can lead to a much more fulfilling life. For we have a finite lifetime, it is no use spending a couple of years on a negative emotion, it will just be wasted. Move on and find greener pastures or find a way to make your current job better.
In the end it is up to yourself to improve, focus on yourself can lead to a more brighter outside. Sort out your inner demons, conquer them and it can lead to a better work and a overall better life. Makes those changes that you were unable to do before, in yourself or at your work. At the end of the day it is down to you on how you perceive you work, one of sunshine or darkness.


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